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Webinar on gender equality and traditional games

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People from the Opportunity project, the MOOC course, the Worldwide Network of Teachers and Researchers of Traditional Games and Sports, and People interested in promoting sustainable development (Agenda 2030).

Teachers:Would you be interested in…?
1. To carry out an experience of 4 physical education sessions (2 weeks) to promote social inclusion or gender equality.
2. To know the positive impact of this experience
3. To have an APP and three validated questionnaires.
4. To know the results of the same experience in other countries and continents.
5. To be in contact with colleagues from all over the world

Researchers, would you be interested in…?
1. Knowing the design and how to carry out international research.
2. To have data to analyse the positive impact of a clinical trial experience.
3. To compare your results with other researchers from other countries and continents.
4. To be in contact with researchers from all over the world.

Then you are interested in signing up for the next Webinar (1.5 hours 2 days).
– Title. Traditional Gaming and Sustainable Development: Promoting Social Inclusion.
– Days: Friday, 20 January 2023 and Saturday, 21 January 2023
– Time: 15.30-17.00 hours (CET, Madrid).
– Platform: ZOOM.
-Registration through this link to get access to the ZOOM session:

Registered attendees will receive a certificate.


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