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Traditional wrestling – International network collaboration

by Biel Pubill Soler in Festivales

Every year, several member federations of the FILC (International Federation of Celtic Wrestling) collaborate on the occasion of their tournaments of the summer season. Groups of wrestlers move to other countries and compete in local style of wrestling. In addition to the sporting side where they discover another style of wrestling, it is also a training to become future leaders of clubs or to the federation. Young people participate in local life, discover a new culture and do some tourism. These exchanges therefore offer a project that is more than just sport.

The exchanges are from 1 to 2 weeks and the groups are supported by the regional organizations. They are organized in Cantabria and Leon (Spain), in Brittany, in Northern England, Scotland, Iceland, Switzerland, etc.

From the end of August (22 to September 5 this year), as every year for nearly 15 years, a group of young people, members of the federation of Gouren (Brittany – photo), was in the North of England and participated in 11 competitions. 23/08: GRAYRIGG SHOW, 25/08: HOLM SHOW NEWCASTELTON, 25/08: BELLINGHAM SHOW, 24/08: GRASMERE SPORTS, 27/08: SILLOTH Carnival, 27/08: KESWICK SHOW, 29/08: ENNERDALE SHOW, 30/08: CROSBY RAVENSWORTH SHOW, 31/08: ROTHBURY, 1/09: HARBOTTLE, 02/09: WOLSHINGHAM. Another group from Iceland was also present at the same time.

“SHOWS” are local festival (a few hundred to a few thousand people) where the whole local community organizes various competitions: beauty contests for dogs, sheeps, cows, horses, etc., but also agricultural competitions with the same animals, contest of the most beautiful vegetable, the best jam, and of course wrestling competitions where everyone can register. Approximately 65 wrestling tournaments are organized each year. See Agenda 2018: :

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