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Traditional Sports and Games in schools programmes

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The recognition of TSGs through their integration into the school curriculum is one of the major AEJeST objectives. This is what motivated the declaration of Verona in 2015 (see text). Appel Verona 2015 En 2

This article makes a non exhaustive point of the last decisions going in the direction of TSG recognition through their integration in the school programs.


Iran:  The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, in charge of Culture, said last week: “Support for the development of indigenous and local sports is a priority.”
It was during a competition that took place at the beginning of May in Quchan (North East), that during a conversation with journalists, Minister Abdulhamid Ahmadi said: “We must support sports programs for villages, and traditional sports. The Ministry and the Federation of Indigenous and Local Games will vigorously organize international events in the field of rural and nomadic sports, as well as indigenous games, with special credits for this section. ”

Spain, Canaria: Friday 8 of February was published the new Canarian law on sport. One chapter is about TSG. “The Canary Islands administration will be guided by the following guiding principles for the recovery, maintenance and development of indigenous and traditional sports and games as an integral part of our culture:
– The organization of leisure and sports activities contributing to reinforce one’s own cultural identity.
– The training of technical staff, arbitration and sports judges.
– The establishment of promotion programs and techniques, especially those intended for the sports initiation of young people of school age.


Philippines: The National Assembly of Philippines has approved a law to preserve the indigenous games of the country. Last end of December 2018 was voted the “Philippine Indigenous Games Preservation Act”. The law (with departments of Culture and Education), will initiate measures to preserve indigenous games in the country, including their inclusion in the appropriate part of the curriculum in the basic education system of the schools.


Andorra, Spain: In September 2018, the official physical education programs of the Principality of Andorra included traditional sports games, sports, dances, nature activities and motor practices (with or without competition).     in “Programmes

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