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The Slingshot with Honda Balear exhibited in León

by Biel Pubill Soler in Festivales

On August 8th, coinciding with the “XXIV Valdearcos Cultural Week”, a small town in the south of the province of León (Spain), Mr. Pep Ribas from Ibiza, President of the Balearic Federation, hold a conference on the history of sling shooting which was entitled ‘The mercenary slingers of the Balearic Islands in Roman times’. On Sunday, August 11th there was an exhibition and a competition with free registration.

Used as a defensive and hunting element, the slingshot is part of Spanish culture and numerous ancient legends. With this sporting and gaming activity that has its particular roots in the Balearic Islands, the city of Valdearcos (with which Ribas has family ties) has laid the basis for establishing a framework of cooperation with the traditional sports and games institutions of León, as well as with other peninsular organizations to create a platform for the development of this traditional cultural heritage.

The tournament, organized by the Balearic Shooting Federation with Honda, was presented at the demonstration of Valdearcos with 26 participants. Carlos Matilla and Esther Cordero were the best slingshots. The understanding, the possibility of settlement and development of this practice in the lands of Leon “made objective” through a festive celebration.

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