European Traditional Sports and Games Association

The AEJeST has reached its 20th anniversary!!!!

by José Ángel Hoyos Perote in General

The 28th of April 2001 was a great day for the Traditional Sports and Games. After fifteen years of common experiences and many reflections, half a hundred people from several European countries met in Lesneven-Brittany-France, and agreed to create the European Association of Traditional Games and Sports. Guy Jaouen was elected President, the statutes were drawn up in Santander on 1st November and finally, it was registered with the Prefecture of Brest on 8th January 2002.

Lesneven 2001 – fotos

These were the 21 founding members:

Confédération FALSAB (Bretagne, France); FILC-IFCW-International Federation of Celtic Wrestling; FCB-Federación Cántabra de Bolos (Cantabria, Spain); Sportimonium/Vlaamse Volksport Centrale (Flandre, België); FIGeST-Federazione Italiana Giochi e Sport Tradizionali (Italy); INEFC-Lleida (Catalonia, Spain); Museo de Juegos Tradicionales de Campo (Aragon, Spain); FENT-Fédérachon Esport Nohtra Téra (Aosta, Italy); FFBSQ-Fédération Française Bowling et Sport de Quilles (France);
VlAS- Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten (Flandre, België); Proyecto Educativo Madera de Ser (Cantabria, Spain); KULKI-Kultura Kirila (Basque Country, Spain); Jeux, Culture et Tradition d’Anjou (Festival des Boulympiades, France); Club San Cristóbal-Bolo Salinero (Basque Country, Spain); Iparraldeko Joko eta Herri Kirol Federakuntza (Hendaye, France); Club Araba de Bolos (Basque Country, Spain); Institut de Gerlev-Idretshistorisk Verksted (Danmark); IIAC-Institut International d’Anthropologie Corporelle (international); GAA-Gaelic Athletic Association (Ireland); Federación Aragonesa de Deportes Tradicionales (Aragón, Spain) and Fédération des Jeux de Picardie (France).

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