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Summary of the year

by Biel Pubill Soler in UNESCO

Dear AEJeST Community, we are about to end this year, 2022. Despite the economic and health difficulties we are currently experiencing, the members of the AEJeST have continued to work in favour of safeguarding the JDT and the social values ​​they promote. The CA has continued to work intensively on each of the projects. A week ago, we organized one last meeting to continue coordinating the actions for the next ones. Among the multiple news, I would like to highlight several topics:

General Assembly 2023.

We inform you that we have received a communication from FALSAB indicating that they will not be able to organize the next general assembly of the AEJeST. FALSAB is experiencing a critical moment that may even lead to its disappearance. We are still looking for an alternative to organizing the GA of 2023. I take advantage of this message to invite all the members of the AEJeST to consider the possibility of holding the GA of 2023. We must do it in person. If this is not possible, we will organize it electronically. If there is any candidacy, we ask that you notify us before the end of January 2023. Write to Pere Lavega President ( ) and José Ángel Hoyos General Secretary (

Tocatì UNESCO recognition.

We are pleased to announce that the TOCATI Festival (Verona), an international festival of street games, is registered from December 1, 2022, in the “Record of good practices for safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO”.

This petition has been submitted by several countries: Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, and France, with the support of AEJeST and ITSGA.

Link to the application dossier:

In this link, you can find the record of the work of the ICH Committee of UNESCO in charge of the registry of Good Practices 2022.

When scrolling through the work agenda, you reach point 7. C

7. c Examination of the proposals to the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices LHE/22/17.COM/7.c: English|French

See all five proposals 2022-12-01 15:10: VO (video)

By clicking on the video – find Tocatì from around 9:40 to 15:34.

You can find more information at this link:


AEJeST – UNESCO Relationship

I am pleased to attach a report of my last activity at UNESCO Headquarters.

2211 EN Project 1 Email 11 Informe Pere-UNESCO Noviembre 2022 EN

On behalf of the CA, I take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays and an excellent start to the year 2023.

Greetings to all of you.

Pere Lavega i Bugués


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