European Traditional Sports and Games Association

Summary of the AEJeST General Assembly

by Biel Pubill Soler in Meetings

Dear members of the AEJeST/ETSGA,

Today 18/07/2018 the AEJeST has lived a historical experience; for the first time ETSGA has participated in an online General Assembly (GA) through the virtual platform Blackboard Big Collaborate. I thank once again the institutional support of INEFC for having enabled a specific space in this platform for AEJeST and for helping us to carry out the GA online.

Nearly 50 participants from 11 countries; guests from the African Traditional Sports and Games Association, also the presence of a colleague from Mexico; consecutive translation into English, French and Spanish. We developed 11 points on the content sent in different emails integrating a dossier with around 125 pages of information. The GA has been democratic, it has allowed us to vote, to admit new members (individual and collective), to recognize persons and associations who are examples of good practices and to show the richness of the great family (community) that constitutes the AEJeST.

I enclose the full document of the President’s presentation.

Pere LAVEGA Informe Relaciones Internacionales Presidente AG

I would like to reiterate my thanks:

(a) to the members of the ETSGA for being present at both parts of the online meeting: From 8.45 am (registration) to 11.45 am; From 12.00 to 13.45 pm

(b) the translators Sofia and Pol for the work they have done under these not conditions. It was not easy, but they have done their task very satisfactorily

(c) the members of the board of directors and the teams composed of different members of the ETSGA. I would like to thank José Ángel Hoyos in a special way for all the work he has done; he has been a key figure in the success of this GA.

We hope to use this tool repeatedly and to complement it with the face-to-face meetings so necessary for the great community of the AEJeST.

See you in Croatia in 2021.

Pere Lavega

President AEJeST


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