European Traditional Sports and Games Association

Rules of procedure

Approved at the General Assembly of Aosta (Italy), on 06-01-2019; Updated AG 18-07-2020

I. The Association in general

Article 1. Legal system

Article 2. Purpose of the Rules of Procedure

Article 3. Aims of the AEJEST

Article 4. Legal and administrative headquarters

II. The members

  • Chapter I. Category of members.

Article 5. Founding Members

Article 6. Legal persons (groupings and entities)

Article 7. Physical persons (individual members)

Article 8. Honorary Members


  • Chapter II. The entrance of new members

Article 9. Time of admission

Article 10. Capacity and admission requirements for members

Article 11. Admission procedure

Article 12. Procedure for admission of a legal person (entities)

Article 13. Procedure for admission of a physical person (individual members)


  • Chapter III. Economic aspects

Article 14. Membership fees

Article 15. Legal person fee

Article 16. Physical person fee

Article 17. Payment of the membership fee.


  • Chapter IV. The legal status of members

Article 18. Rights and duties of members

Article 19. Disciplinary regime


III. The activities of the AEJEST

Article 21. Strategic Plan

Article 22. Development of activities

Article 23. Activities relating to international relations

Article 24. Activities related to the languages to be used in the official communiqués of the AEJEST

Article 25. Norms of institutional image of the AEJEST

Article 26. Activities related to the communiqués on the AEJEST website

Article 27. Activities relating to communications in other media

Article 28. Activities related to the recognition of good practices in the protection and promotion of TSG.

Article 29. Activities related to the elaboration and updating of the database of the members of the AEJEST.

IV. Functioning of the AEJEST

  • Chapter I. Council of Administration (CA)

Article 30. Composition

Article 31. Appointment, vacancy and removal of members

Article 32. Meetings

Article 33. Jurisdiction

Article 34. President

Article 35. General secretary

Article 36. Treasurer or Vice President of Economic Resources

Article 37. The other members of the Council of Administration

  • Chapter II. General Assembly

Article 38. Nature

Article 39. Representation and delegated vote

Article 40. Ordinary General Assembly

Article 41. Extraordinary General Assembly

Article 42. Calls

Article 43. Quorum of constitution

Article 44. Meeting development

Article 45. Adoption of agreements

Article 46. Powers of the General Assembly

Article 47. Nominations of members to organize the General Assembly or the Meeting of the CA

Article 48. Organization of General Assemblies

Article 49. Agenda of the GA and CA Meeting

Article 50. Travel expenses of the Board of Directors


  • Chapter III. On the electoral process

Article 51. Electoral System. CA Elections

V. The dissolution

Article 52. Liquidation Commission

Article 53. Destination of the remainder

VI. The Statutes and Rules of procedure.

Article 54. Reform of the Statutes and Internal Regulations

Article 55. Interpretation and application of the Internal Regulations


  • Final Provision I

 Article 56. Entry into force of the Rules of Procedure.