European Traditional Sports and Games Association

Recognition of good practices in the safeguarding and promotion of TSG

by Biel Pubill Soler in General

It is a source of pride to belong to the AEJeST and to participate in the safeguarding and promotion of traditional games and sports (TSG) as intangible heritage. For this reason, it is necessary for the AEJeST to promote the public recognition of individuals and organisations of the AEJeST or other Institutions as examples of good practice in the safeguarding and promotion of TSG. Next, the procedure to be followed for the recognition of persons or entities is established.

1.- Objective

This call aims to identify and promote good practices for the safeguarding, promotion and dissemination of Traditional Games and Sports. For this reason, the contribution of people and organisations linked to the field of Traditional Games and Sports is to be recognised as examples of good practice.

2.- Types of recognitions

Two types of recognition of good practices are established:

  1. a) Individual
  2. b) Collective
  3. c) Honorary Member. Exceptionally, the CA may appoint as an honorary member of the AEJeST those people who, on their merits, are considered appropriate.

3.- Award

The people and/or entities awarded by the AEJeST will receive a symbolic award created for this purpose and also an accrediting diploma. In both the individual and collective categories, one award may be given each year.

4.- Candidates

Candidates may be:

  1. a) AEJeST members (individual or collective).
  2. b) People or groups outside the AEJeST, linked to Traditional Games and Sports.

Candidates may be presented by the Council of Administration or by three members of the AEJeST.

5.- Candidatures

The merits and the progress in time that the candidates (organizations or people) contribute will be valued in some of the following sections: Training, Competition, Research, Promotion and dissemination of TSG.

6.- Deadline for submission

The period for submitting applications will be open until February 15th. 2022.

Applications must be submitted by completing the relevant document, which should be forwarded to the Secretary General for transmission to the President of the AEJeST and the members of the Commission.

7.- Evaluation of the candidatures

The CA will approve the composition of a Committee for the evaluation of applications.

8.- Selection of candidatures.

Once the deadline for submitting the candidatures is over, the Commission will draw up a list of the candidates that it will present to the CA and later to the GA. It will be the GA that will choose the winners by voting by email, at least one month before the celebration of the General Assembly.

9.- Publicity of candidacies

The candidacies presented and the resolutions of the Commission and the Council of Administration will be publicised through the different means of communication (website, bulletin, social networks, etc.).

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