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by Biel Pubill Soler in Books

The book Quina canya! Joguinetes, written by Miqui Giménez and Biel Pubill, has just been published! The book has more than 150 pages filled with instructions to build more than 60 popular toys and instruments designed to chop, scratch, blow, throw, scrub, think… And, mostly, to share! Of course, all the toys and instruments are made of cane.


It has been more than ten years of research, compilation and construction of instruments and toys from around the world. Information about all the pieces included in the book has been sought in the publications of several 19th-century Catalan folklorists such as Joan Amades or Violant Simorra. The authors of the book have also learned from luthiers, teachers and artisans such as Daniel Descomps (France) or Joan Sans (Mallorca, Spain). The result of all this research and knowledge is summarized in this book full of illustrations, which shows how to build all kinds of toys and instruments made of cane, step by step and in a very visual way.

In addition, the description of each piece is accompanied by a link (QR) that takes the reader to short videos that show how the instruments sound and some suggested features of the games and toys, all set in the natural environment and urban heritage of Ascó (Catalonia, Spain).

The book is complemented by a guide that indicates the minimum age and the time required for the construction of each piece, as well as its difficulty level. The book also includes a section with information regarding the basic tools needed to build the instruments and toys and some advice on how to work safely.

The book has been edited by Lo Llaüt Cultural Association (Ascó), a member of the European Association of Traditional Games and Sports.



  • Title: Quina Canya! Joguinetes
  • Authors: Miqui Giménez Molina and Biel Pubill Soler
  • Language: Catalan
  • 152 pages
  • Open size 420×240 mm, closed size 210×240 mm
  • Covers with 300g matte coated paper
  • 4 + 4 ink printing
  • 1-sided laminated matt
  • 210mm book covers
  • Interior pages with 150g matte coated paper
  • PUR binding paperback
  • 700 units
  • Published by Lo Llaüt Cultural Association, with the support of the Ascó City Hall.
  • ISBN: 978-84-09-07888-2
  • Legal deposit: T 1559-2018
  • Price: 20 euros

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