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Publication of a book “Traditional Sports and Games in the Contemporary World: The New Face of Sport?” by Bartosz Prabucki

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This book presents a captivating story about traditional sports and games in the current world. It moves from Denmark to the Basque Country and to Scotland, exploring traditional games in their local contexts. It highlights the numerous, practical functions of traditional games, showing that these games are very valuable, necessary, and actually fit the needs of our times!

It offers an original perspective on traditional sports and games, providing captivating stories from personal trips to these countries and numerous practical descriptions and inspirational ideas about how to use traditional games in practice.

You will find there, among others:

  • captivating stories from my trips toBasque Country, Scotland and Denmark,
  • numerous practical information about traditional sports,
  • annex with descriptions of games, enriched with my own photos,
  • manyinspirations how to use TSG in practice, and much more.

About the Author

Bartosz Prabucki is a traditional sports expert at the Institute for Development of Sport and Education (IRSiE – member of AEJeST) and START Association, Poland and a former Lecturer at Poznan University of Physical Education, Poland. A cultural anthropologist and expert in traditional sports, he holds a PhD in Physical Culture, and is the author of a number of scientific papers. He also conducted an independent research project, titled “Ethnology of traditional sports in Europe”, and is a member of the Commission for International Relationships of European Traditional Sports and Games Association (ETSGA/AEJeST).

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