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Promotion of TSG in South-East Europe – 1 & 2 of May 2017, Constanta

by Biel Pubill Soler in Meetings

The project TRADOC of Erasmus+ had programmed an important meeting on May 1st and 2nd, 2017 in Constanta. The first day was dedicated to the discovery of local realities from this region of South East Romania. We visited a traditional Tatar wrestling tournament, KURES style, in the locality of Valu Lui Traian. This wrestling style is still organized every year at about twenty tournaments, all situated in the area of Constanta.

The second day was dedicated to a conference in which delegates from federations had to present the activity of their organization. It was the case for the traditional wrestling of Romania, Tranta, and the old martial arts run by BARANTA federation, the Kures, traditional Tatar wrestling of Dobrudgea, then the one of Bulgaria, Lucha Leonesa (Spain) and Gouren (Brittany).

The president of the OINA Federation (game of bat and ball), Nicu Dobre, presented the new ARJST federation (Rumanian Association of Traditional Sports & Games) created in March 2017. The Bulgarian Nicolai Vukov finally presented the actions led to the world level in the setting of the Intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, and debates took place on the safeguard and promotion of these practices.

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