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Optimisation of the hit with the bat in the oina game

by Biel Pubill Soler in General

Resume of the thesis  of Cristian Văduva, vice-president at A.R.J.T.S.,general secretary at F.R.Oină, a sports teacher at the base. I defended my doctoral thesis on 29.06.2020 at F.E.F.S. Cluj Napoca Univ. Babeș-Bolyai.


The subject of this research is due to the fact that the hit with a bat can make the difference during an oina game. The purpose is to describe in detail the hit with a bat through a biomechanical analysis in order to obtain information necessary to perform a better hit since the longer and higher the hit is the better increases the chances for gaining points during an oina match.

The study is structured on 3 parts. The first part whichhas a theoretical approach contains a historical development of the oina game, the rules and a description of the tools used: the ball and the bat, each player’s tasks and an analysis of the biomechanical behaviour of the upper and lower limbs and of the trunk when hitting with a bat. The second part contains a pilot study.

In the third part of the thesis we described the objectives, methods and the stages of the research having as purpose hitting with an oina bat in order to analyse the cinematic parameters of the bat in correlation with the values of speed and acceleration of the torsion in order to validate or invalidate the hypothesis of the training program.

Following the results obtained through this study, we can state that the torsion angle of the trunk represents a biomechanical parameter which can help us bettering the speed of the top of the bat while hitting through a special training program of the players which is ultimately meant to improve the way they hit with an oina bat. This could make the difference when winning a game.


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