European Traditional Sports and Games Association

Newsletter number 23 of the ETSGA has just come out.

by Biel Pubill Soler in Publicaciones

Newsletter number 23 of the association has just come out. Here you can read the editorial.

Dear members of the AEJeST, We contact you all again, to share with you some of the most representative institutional actions of the strategic plan carried out by the AEJeST. In this case we highlight different initiatives related to the international projection of the ETSGA.

The balance of these first two years of the current CA deserves a positive consideration, because with the help of all of you we have continued growing and advancing in the promotion and safeguard of the TSG as intangible cultural heritage.

At the last General Assembly held in Valle d’Aosta (Italy) some very relevant actions took place. Among them we would like to highlight two aspects: a) the updating of the statutes and the approval of the internal rules of procedure. This regulation allows the incorporation of individual members; b) the first edition of the recognition of persons and organizations that are an example of good practices for the TSG : Honorary member : Dino Berti (FiGeST, Italy) ; Individual recognition : Francisco Alvárez (Asociación del Bolo Vaqueiro, Asturias, Spain) ; Itsván Bali (Tesz-Vesz Foundation, Hungary) ; Collective recognition : As. Intercommunale pour la Promotion Sportive et Culturalle des Quilles de Huit.

The AEJeST has become a big family thanks to the work and enthusiasm of hundreds of people who, over the years, have been excellent examples for the promotion and safeguarding of traditional games and sports. Unfortunately, we regret that in the last months, Bernard Glacial and Mateu Cañellas have passed away. From here, by means of this bulletin we want to remember these dear friends of the TSG.


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