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New publication: Tradijoc. El bagul dels jocs tradicionals / The chest of tradigames

by Biel Pubill Soler in Festivales, Books, Publicaciones

The cultural association Lo Llaüt, member of the European Association of Traditional Games and Sports, has just published Tradijoc. El bagul dels jocs tradicionals / The chest of tradigames.

The book, made by a working group of the Education Department of the Catalan Government and coordinated by Biel Pubill, has 74 pages in which 23 traditional games of the Ribera d’Ebre and Terra Alta regions are explained.

The added value of this new publication is that the games are explained in Catalan and English. It certainly is an interesting resource for the practice of teaching, for game passionates and also for those who are just looking for a collection of traditional games.

The book, which has received the support of the Centre d’Estudis de la Ribera d’Ebre (CERE), is on sale for 10 euros – it can also be downloaded in PDF format.

You will find more information on this link.

Biel Pubill Soler

Coordinator Tradijoc/Tradigames 2018

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