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International symposium on Traditional sports practices and sustainable cultural tourism. Tamanrasset, Algeria, 7-12 January 2019.

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Several members of ETSGA organizations along with other TSG enthusiastic colleagues participated in Le Colloque International Pratiques esportives traditionnelles et turisme cultural durable. Tamanrasset, Algeria, 7-12 January 2019. organized by the Association Sauver l’IMZAD chaired by Farida Sellal.

The colloquium dealt with the following topics: description and analysis of traditional sports games; cultural context of the JDT; Games, sports and identity challenges; contributions of the JDT to sustainable tourism.

Participants : Members of AEJeST: CEMEA (Pierre Parlebas); University of the Basque Country (Joseba Etxebeste, Clara Urdangarin); Ezzeddine Bouzid (Tunisia) and Pere Lavega (INEFC, and President AEJeST).

Colleagues from other organizations: Switzerland (Enrico Ferretti), Algeria: Iman Nefil (Chairman of the Scientific Committee), Ahmed Torki, Ismail Bekai; Mohamed Boutalbi Habiba kharchi, Farid Yaici, Karim Ouaras; Mohamed Boutalbi, Mamouni Bouterfes, President of the JST Federation (Algeria); Tunisia: Saira Ben Chaabane, Abderrahman Ayoub

The aim was to protect the local culture of people living in the desert. Traditional games, Tuareg culture, desert, gastronomy, music, dance and painting were part of this unforgettable experience.

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