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L’auca de jocs d’Ascó was published last April, a new publication on the games and toys of the cultural association Lo Llaüt, member of the AEJeST since 2011.

The book, written by Biel Pubill, professor of history and physical education at the Flix Institute, reviews the leisure activities that appear in the famous auca –image poster- Jochs d’infantesa -Games of children- (1674) of folklorist Joan Amades, collected and published in 1947 under the name Jocs de la mainada – Children’s games – reinterpreting many of the games that appear there and contextualising them in the streets, squares and natural environments of Ascó (Catalonia).


It is therefore not a collection or a recipe book for games but a proposal, updated and reflective, of the playful world that our ancestors would have enjoyed in the last third of the 17th century.

Throughout the 82 pages of the book you can follow the 48 cartoons that appear in the auca, which provide historical and iconographic information of the game or the entertainment that is represented. This is enriched through supporting data resulting from numerous interviews with the inhabitants of the municipality.


The publication has a clear educational and informative intention, which is reinforced by the proposal of over 70 games or entertainments, enhancing the interpretation that is made of each cartoon. Another remarkable feature is that the 150 images that appear were taken in Ascó with the aim of making known its heritage from a playful point of view, attractive to all ages. It showcases the uniqueness of the games, sparking a curiosity and desire to discover more of the history surrounding them.

To complete the work in the last pages we find a series of didactic proposals aimed at working the auques –image poster- in a pedagogical perspective which, without a doubt, can be a good resource for teachers, educators and professionals working in the field of recreation, and all those who are interested in the world of traditional games.


Technical file

Title: L’Auca de jocs d´Ascó

Author: Biel Pubill Soler

Edited by: Associació cultural Lo Llaüt (member of the AEJeST since 2011)

Edition: 300 copies

Price: 10 €

Features: 82 DIN-4 color pages

Design and layout:

Legal deposit: T 214-2021

ISBN: 978-84-09-28315-6



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