JUGAJE INFO N° 9 – December 2005

ETSGA: The winter meeting of ETSGA will take place in Corinaldo, near Ancona (Italy), the 10, 11 & 12 March 2006. On Sunday the 12th, a conference will be organised on the theme of the European and Italian Traditional Games: culture and tradition. Contact: dinoberti@aruba.it

Exhibition on traditional games: The Federación Cantabra de Bolos prepared a beautiful exhibition on the Cantabrian traditional games. To see on www.jugaje.com / documentation / exhibitions. 

Sport Museum of Belgium: The site of the new sport museum of Belgium of which Erik of Vroede, vice-pdt of ETSGA is the director, is at the end of works (4,5 millions of euros). It will be ready for the month of March 2006 and gives an important part to the traditional games. contact

Valley of Aoste: The FENT has planned a cycle school formation counting more than 1000 registered pupils. To answer to this important demand, training courses for new instructors will be organise from January. For the first time a degree of formation has been conceived to the National level, with a specific program. Contact Fabriziovierin@libero.it

European project of collecting: The project Culture 2000 began at the beginning of November in all the concerned regions that are currently in the phase of investigation. A festival and a symposium are planned for mid September 2006. Contact  federacion@maderadeser.com

Universal heritage: November 25 saw the proclamation of the projects kept for the world cultural heritage, to the building of Unesco in Paris.  The project of Belgium was about the traditional games in Flanders and was among the favorites. Finally this file was not nominated, to the profit of the Giants of the carnivals from the North of France. The jury preferred the exotic event to the all year round living games. More on http://portal.unesco.org/culture/

European Commission: The commissioner for culture, education and sport, the Slovakian Jan Figuel, answered to the letter the president of ETSGA sent following the motion voted to the General Meeting of Santander. He “shares our opinion on the importance of the traditional games concerning non formal education”, but is not in measure to elaborate a program for the traditional games because of the European Union setting. The members of ETSGA will be therefore invited to get contact with their European parliamentarians, in spring 2006, to tempt to make evolve this setting... 

European Parliament: October 25, 600 millions of euros have been voted by the European parliament for the period 2007-13 for actions and measures in favor of the preservation and the backing of the knowledge, of the European cultural heritage, of the cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe. 

European Year for Intercultural dialogue - In the month of October, the European commission adopted a measure making

2008 the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue. This initiative will receive 10 millions euros for only one year! It will be again the opportunity to take out projects of European meetings or festivals where traditional games are at the crossroads of festive cultures, while getting married with gastronomy, music, the regional languages - or of education. The files are to be achieved in 2007. Infos:  

Cultural diversity - October 20, Unesco approved a convention on the protection and the promotion of the cultural expressions diversity. This convention reaffirms the link between cultural dignity, development and balance of the intercultural dialogues. It reaffirms the sovereign right of the States to elaborate cultural policies in order to protect and to encourage the diversity of the cultural expressions of their territory.  More on www.unesco.org
Play the Game: The 2005 conference had taken place to Denmark of November 6 to 10. All problems bound to the abuses of sport have been treated: doping, corruption, economic exploitation, political use, etc. But the positive sides have also been developed there.  www.playthegame.org

Province of Burgos:
Galicia : Asociación Galega do Xogo Popular e Tradicional :
Traditional wrestling :
Canaria :
Brittany : wrestling www.gourenfeminin.fr.st
Athletic games : http://fnsab.free.fr
Quoit on planks : www.paletsurplanchebois.org

Books on traditional games: the web site of ETSGA presents many recent books on traditional games, in several languages: www.jugaje.com / documentation / books /
New books:  
International: L’encyclopédie des Sports - Gründ editions - 600 p - French Version of the Liponski encyclopedia, written by Guy Jaouen. 3160 entries on the games and sports from all over the world. Bookstores. 
Catalonia: Enciclopèdia de la cultura popular de Catalunya - Els jocs i els esports tradicionals. 310 p - Coordination Pere Lavega. plavega@inefc.es  
Brittany: Gouren, lutte et défis d’un sport breton - 144 p - L. Gourmelen and J. D. Bourdenay - Edition Coop Breizh.

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