JUGAJE INFO N° 8 – October 2005

Cantabria: The 2005 Assembly General Meeting took place on August the 26th, 27th and 28th in Santander. The delegates have been received by the president of the Cantabrian parliament Mr. Miguel Angel Palacio and the mayor of the city of Santander Mr. Gonzalo Piñeiro and attended the Spanish championship finales of Bolo Palma (Skittle game). Photos on www.jugaje.com / Main events. 

Exhibition: The federación Cantabra de Bolos had prepared a very nice exhibition on the Cantabrian traditional games at the occasion of the Assembly General Meeting. You can discover it on the web site www.jugaje.com / Main events / Exhibition Santander. This exhibition is a very good example of what can be made in every region. 

The General Meeting of Santander was elective. The new members of the council for 2005 - 2009 are: Pdt Guy Jaouen, Brittany; Vices-pdts Erik de Vroede, Flanders and Dino Berti, Italy; secretary Jean Fulcrand, France; associate Jacques Regourd, Aveyron; treasurer Fernando Diestro, Cantabria; associate Pere Lavega, Catalonia; member Fabrizio Vierin, Valley of Aosta. The respective substitutes are: Willie Baxter, Karine Van den Broeck, Roberto Cunéaz, Gilbert Lafenêtre, Alain Bovo, Francisco Terán and Franco Vagneur.  
Two new members have also been accepted on the occasion of this meeting: The association’s Group of Local Action of Comarca Asón-Aguera (professionals from Cantabria) and the Center of Promotion for Popular and Traditional Culture of Catalonia (public Institution). The association Galega do Xogo Tradicional from Galicia will join us next year. 

The General Meeting 2006 will take place in August, in Rodez (South West of France), at the time of the French championship of skittles of eight. This section of skittles recorded the 4000th membership this summer and it passed the cape of the 500 feminine players too ! 

Meetings with representatives of international institutions:  
With the Commission European
: Following the meeting organized by the Commission of Brussels with the European sporting organizations last June, a meeting of the sports ministers took place September 19th and 20th in Liverpool about the problems of doping, voluntary service and the social function of sport. To discover the report of June, ask for the file to the secretariat (in pdf - English solely). More information available on: 

At the beginning of October, Erik de Vroede participated again in a such meeting in Brussels, with the European sporting organizations.  
With FILA (World federation of associated wrestling): On September 16th, the president (Willie Baxter) and the secretary (J.F. Hubert) of the international federation of Celtic wrestling met the president (Rafaël Martinetti) and the general secretary (Michel Dusson) of FILA. Guy Jaouen represented also the ETSGA. The object of the meeting was to agree on a program of collaboration in favor of the traditional wrestling. Mr. Martinetti is a former champion of Schwingen, the Swiss wrestling. Since this meeting, the FILA web site already proposes some information on the traditional styles of wrestling.  

Denmark: The center for Sports, Health and Civil society under the University of Southern Denmark (formerly IFO - Henning Eichberg) changed its web site http://www.cisc.sdu.dk/. Contact:
heichberg@health.sdu.dk Skælskør Landevej 28, DK-4200 Slagelse. 

New Books:  
: Enrique Torre and Juan Antonio Amenàbar have just published a book on the skittles, Los bolos, historia gràfica,I,: hasta 1973 (in Spanish). This work contains an important number photos of archives. Contact: proyecto@maderadeser.com 
Basque Country: A book on the traditional games of the Basque Country has just been published, Jeux d’adresse et de force en Pays Basque. The author is Pierre Sabalo, former treasurer of the federation of the Basque Pelota. It presents in a pleasant form about forty games still alive living. Contact:
Slovenia: A book on the traditional games of Slovenia has been published in 2005: Zavod za Slovenije sport (Inheritance of traditional folks' games). The book of 464 pages is partially in English. The author is Rajko Sugman, professor to the sports faculty of the university of Ljubljana, contact: 

Normandy (F): The last issue of the Magazine "Pays de Normandy" proposes a beautiful article of 8 pages colors on the regional games. 

The Web Site JUGAJE - is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make the promotion of it.