JUGAJE INFO N° 7 – July 2005

ETSGA Assembly General Meeting - Santander August 26, 27 and 28th, 2005. The event will take place in parallel with the festival of skittles. Contact : Federacion@maderadeser.com

Culture 2000 : the project of collecting organised by the ETSGA, and directed by the museum of Campo, will start on November the 1st, 2005, for 12 months. This project will see the organisation of a festival in Santander in September 2006 where a general presentation has been made for the poltics in the month of June. A meeting of all the coorganisers is also planned on Thursday the 25th of August in Santander, at the time of the General Meeting. Contact : plavega@inefc.es

Meetings with representatives of international institutions : vice-president Erik of Vroede met at the occasion of the European Council of June (the meeting of the governments) Marianne Hildebrand, director of the sport department of the European commission. At the same occasion, he also met Mr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper, president of the international Council of Sport Science and Physical Education' (ICSSPE), a world organisation that has some sympathies for the traditional games. ETSGA recalls that it is still important and not too late to intervene by your European deputies about the text of 1994.

Flanders (Bel): For the 3rd times, the Belgian association of Krulbol, ASBL organizes, with VlaS, an European Festival of traditional sports in Evergem (Oriental Flanders), Saturday and Sunday August 13th and 14th, 2005. Krulbol: Netherlands - Flanders; Archery to the vertical perch: Wallonie - France - Flanders; Archery to the horizontal perch: Netherlands - Flanders; Gaaibol: Netherlands – Flanders ; Cross-bow shooting : Netherlands - Flanders; Tug of war: Netherlands - Flanders. A Pentathlon of traditional sports will be proposed to all visitors : Archery to the horizontal perch, krulbol, gaaibol, skittles, catapult. Other games: skittles, vlegeldorsen, curvebowls, pug, gaaibollen, pétanque and struifvogel. Contact: Patrick Huyghe huyghe.p@belgacom.be

Valencia (Esp) - The Escola Autonòmica Jocs Tradicionals of Valencia will organise on September the 24th one day of formation : "traditional games, the pleasure to play", (theorical - practical). The objective is to recover the street as a space of meeting. With the involvement of Alfredo López de Sosoaga, Daniel Cervera Martí and Àngel Gómez i Navarrais. Contact : angona58@hotmail.com

Trip of survey : president G. Jaouen achieved with Petar Petrov, ethnologist at the institute of Munich, a trip of survey in several countries from center and southeast of

Europe. Numerous contacts have been taken.
: a regional organisation for traditional games exists in the south of Budapest. István Bali, the person responsible, wrote a book on the traditional games in spring 2005. Contact: bali.istvan@jnszm.hu .
the wrestling federation of Bulgaria decided to renew with the organisation of important festivals of traditional wrestling, oil and dry wrestling. Contact: office@bul-wrestling.org ; web site: www.bul-wrestling.org
A traditional wrestling federation (especially for oil wrestling) has been created since about ten years. The leaders are also interested in all traditional games practices. Contact: Boro Lazarevsky, see the adresse on jugaje / European network.
a meeting has been held with the committee in charge of a wrestling style from the south of Austria (Karnten Ringen). See contact on jugaje / European network.
the Swiss cantonal feasts propose numerous games and traditional sports. The Schwingen wrestling federation counts more than 100 clubs. Contact: http://www.esv.ch , and the Hornuss is also very present. Contact: http://www.ehv.ch
Many numerous other contacts have also been taken, in Hungary, in Greece, then with a museum of rural games, and the institutes of ethnology of Budapest and Sofia.

Colloquium of Nantes 2002 : The book of the actes, with ETSGA as coorganisor, has just been printed in french. 190 p. Price : 15 € with shipping. Contact : jugaje@wanadoo.fr . The book is also available in english.

Denmark: The Danish school of journalism organises its 4th conference on sport and society. Many famous participants are already registered. www.playthegame.org. contact: Kirsten Sparre, kirsten@playthegame.org

New presidents: Guido Van Alsenoy, Sandro Bellagamba and Lionel Couédélo replace Erik de Vroede (VlaS), Ageo Pieracci (Figest) and Guy Jaouen (Falsab).

Canary Islands: The university of Las Palma de Gran Canaria will organize an international seminary on the motor praxiology, October 20th and 21st, 2005. Contact: José Hernández Moreno: jmoreno@def.ulpgc.es

The web site JUGAJE - is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make the promotion of it.