JUGAJE INFO N° 6 – May 2005

Request to the European commission to ask to create a specific European program for the traditional and regional games (following the vote of the parliament in 1994): after written questions sent by deputies, Commissioner Rigel (sport and culture) answered that the Commission doesn't have the authority to create this program. The European parliament and its collaborators from the commission were therefore incompetents or idiots in 1994… For those that this answer doesn't satisfy, the ETSGA president asks that they get in touch with their European deputy to ask them for precisions. Contact for documents: jugaje@wanadoo.fr

ETSGA Assembly General Meeting - Santander 26, August 27 and 28, 2005. Exceptionally two delegates will be welcome free of charge. Contact: Federacion@maderadeser.com

Scholar mass meetings :
Valley of Aosta (It) - professor Helen Certan and the FENT prepared several school gatherings of 2 hours, and the final one will take place on May the 27th in Brissogne. 800 pupils from 35 different schools are concerned, with the formation of the concerned teachers.

Valencia (Esp) - The Escola Autonòmica Jocs Tradicionals of Valencia will organise on Friday May 27th a festival of Traditional Games with the involvement of 500 students and the collaboration of the Valencia government. The event will see the presentation of the book of Àngel Gómez i Navarrais in which 13 games are presented as working tools in school. contact: angona58@hotmail.com

Galicia: creation on May the 12th of the network Galega do Xogo Tradicional (Web site www.xogospopulares.com) that is going to deposit a candidacy by the UNESCO for a recognition of the Galego-Português playful heritage.

Traditional wrestling : new blood
Russia : The belt wrestling federation of Russia has been created on the 18.04.2003 under the impulse of the Tatarses. This federation regroups the diversity of the « belt wrestling » styles found in the different regions of the former USSR. The 1 st championship was organised on the 20.09.2003 in Moscow and 150 wrestlers from 35 republics or regions participated. The championship was organised in two styles defined by the federation (with and without the legs) and in 3 categories of weight.

Central Asia : Another belt wrestling federation has also been created in the countries of central Asia being part of the former USSR (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan, etc.), established about 2001-2002. Iran is also member of this federation that is called International Alish (struggle to the belt) Federation. An Asian and European committee has been created. It seems that an European championship has been organised in 2004. The 1 st championship of the world was organised in Kyrgyzstan the 21th and 22.9.2002, with the participation of 14 countries, the 2nd on the 19th (Asia) and 26th (world) December 2003 in Tehran, with 11

teams. Russia got the 1st place in 2002 and 2003 (2 - Kyrgyzstan, 3 - Iran, 4 - Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, 6 - Poland and Cameroon, etc.).
An international federation of Kurash has also been created in 1999, the International Kurash Association. It has organised its 1 st Asian championship the 19.12.03 in Tehran, the 2nd the 17.12.2004 in Tehran.
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Celtic wrestling : The 13rd international championship took place the 7&8 th of May in Landerneau (Brittany). It was also the 20th birthday of the FILC. 9 countries were registered and 7 teams participated.
The Australian of Cornish wrestling will be organised in the end of May in Moonta SA during the festival Kernewek Lowender. Contact: back_jack73@hotmail.com

International Youth Camp, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 1 st – 6 th July. The International Youth Camp will welcome 50 persons over 18 years of age. The main topic of the IYC is “Traditional games and other activities”. Martina Zidkova looks for a volunteer to help her. Contact: martina.zdkov@worldonline.cz

Culture 2000 : This project of inventory organised by ETSGA, directed by the Museum of Campo, has been selected by EEC. This project also foresees the organisation of a festival in Santander in September 2006. 9 coorganisers and 12 partners committed for a total budget of about 210 000 €. The coorganisers are, Museum of Campo, INEFC of Lleida, Federation Cantabra de Bolos, Confederation Falsab, Vlaamse Volkssport Centrale, Federació Catalana de Bittles i Bowling, the ODIANA association (Portugal), Centro de Promoción de la Cultura Popular y Tradicional Catalana (Catalonia). Contact: museocampo@spicom.es

UNESCO : The AEJST got a symbolic partnership of the Unesco for inter-regional school and educational actions in 2005. This sponsorship is located in the frame of the program "hope and solidarity" (around the traditional games). Contact: jugaje@wanadoo.fr

Europe: The http://europa.eu.int/ site is the portal site of the European union. It permits to follow the actuality.

Palets (pucks): An individual cup of France of puck on board will be organised on June the 4th, 2005, on the stadium of la Robinière in Reze (44). Contact: chant alsusanne@hotmail.fr

JUGAJE web site - The www.jugaje.com site is there to present your books and videos on traditional sports and games still available to sale.