JUGAJE INFO N° 5 – Febuary 2005

Executive committee Meeting - the ETSGA leaders met in Angers on February 18 th and 19 th to answer to the invitation of the Fédération de Boule de Fort (44,000 members) and its president Pierre Morin. The Council accepted the membership of two new members : the school of traditional games of the Valencia region (Spain), and the Museum of Panès, Asturia (Spain).

The ETSGA General Meeting - will take place in Santander the 26, 27 and 28 August 2005. It will be organised in paralell with the 250 th birthday of the elevation of the town to the rank of City and the festival "semana bolistica" will be organized exceptionally in 2005 (usually every two years), with numerous receipts, conferences and exhibitions, as well as the Spain championship of Bolo Palma (Skittles).

Spain - following the Congress on wrestling and traditional games of December 2004, two books of acts are available by the responsibles.

Spain - Escola Autonòmica Jocs Tradicionals , Valencia. This new organism wishes to have some relations with associations working in the same field.

UNESCO (U.N. organisation for education, science and culture) - the 4 th international conference of the MINEPS (December 2004) in Athens, saw the 3 following points put forward :
A convention against doping.
A recommendation for physical education and sport as components of a quality education.
A recommendation for the welcome of women in the sporting activities.

Festivals of folklore - an international committee exists for the festivals of folklore.

International organisations - with a domain close to the ours : International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA, created in 1995 in Denmark) :
Trim & Fitness International Sport for All Association (TAFISA): Tafisa is born in 1990 from organisms of sport for all from South America, Canada and some European countries (Germany and France).
Internationaler Volkssportverband (IVV)

U.N. - the year 2005 will be the year of the physical education and sport for the organisation of the United Nations. The plans push to highlight the power of sport as cultural bridge. (Note of the redaction : this good will forget that the sports of the rich countries are always put forward).

The European Cultural Foundation : promotes the cultural cooperation in Europe. Its aims are to contribute to create an open and democratic Europe with respect to the cultural diversity of its peoples. The activities programmes are :
Encouraging intercultural dialogue.
Strengthening the cultural sector.
The grant range will be 10-15,000 €

Internationale academy of Sport for all (IASFA) - December 4, 2004 saw in Rome the official opening of this international research center. The morning a seminar was organised on " Imminent threats for Sport for All NGOs in Europe - an overview of the major issues". Henning Eichberg is the coordinator of this organism where collaborates many European researchers, of which Pere Lavega.

Euskadi, Spain - the new addresse of KULKI is: Zapatari 47A, 1.B, 01200 AGURAIN Basque Country (Spain).

France, Normandy - You can find some information on the actions concerning the traditional games in Normandy on :

France, Brittany - An international competition of Back-hold wrestling will be held on March 20.

JUGAJE Web Site - The ETSGA Council of February the 18 th took the decision to present on www.jugaje.com all books and videos on traditional sports and games available to sale. The site will become therefore more & more a tool for promotion, for all achieved works on traditional games.
To see your books on the site, one ask to you: either to send a copy to the general secretariat, either to send a color photocopy of the front cover, some information on the content, the price, and the addresse to command it.