JUGAJE INFO N° 27 - November 2012

ETSGA 2013 Convention took place in OURENSE, Galicia, Spain, organised by BRINQUEDIA and the TSG Galician network. An intense program was proposed to the delegates during these three days. 2013 also saw the arrival of two new members, the museum MELGA (Galicia - Spain) and the TESZ-VESZ organisation (Hungary). The Council has been reelected for the period 2013-2017, with the arrival of Carlos de la Villa as secretary (La Tanguilla), of Guido Theodule (FENT), Bernard Glacial (Boule de Fort), Cesar Presto (La Tanguilla), Carlos Da Costa (Guarda). http://www.teszvesz-alapitvany.eu

The JUGAJE web site proposes to you the text of the TSG motion elaborated by ETSGA for the European Parliament.

Meeting of Civitanova, Marche, Italy: The Council of ETSGA met in Civitanova, center of Italy, May 10 and 11, to the invitation of the FIGeST. The agenda has mainly been dedicated to the Europeans projects and to the necessity of the transnational or regional projects.

Congresses, conferences:
India The institute of Sports and Physical education of the city of Amravati, state of Maharashtra, organised a world Conference "Traditional Physical Cultures, Sport & Games" from 14 to 17 of January 17.

Ollolai, Sardinia: June 15, a conference “S’Istrumpa & cultura Sarda” was organised on the occasion of the publication of the 1st manual on traditional wrestling, S’Istrumpa, by Piero Frau.

Ourense, Galicia: Friday June 21, during the convention, a conference was organised by the Galician on the theme of “Traditional games and emigration”. About fifteen researchers took the floor. brinquedia@brinquedia.net

Cebu, Philippines: the 23rd Pan-Asian conference on sport and physical education took place on 9-11 of August, with two sessions on the TSG. Organised by the Asian network of ITSGA, some academic linked to ETSGA were present.

Verona, Italy: Sompe organisations members of ETSGA, Sportimonium (Bel), La Tanguilla (Sp), Gerlev (Dk) and the AGA Verona (It) met at the time of the festival in order to study the idea to create an association or an European network of traditional games museums. Contact: info@latanguilla.com

Cagliari, Sardinia: On September 28 an international convention was organised in Cagliari with bodies linked to the game of La Morra.

The delegations came from Corsica, Aragon, Catalonia, Valley of Aosta, Frioul, Tunisia, Sardinia and a few other regions. One of the objectives was to create an international network.

The Sport Forum
: (yearly mass with the sports ministers of the EU and the delegates of the European sport movement) of the European Union took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, after Biarritz, Budapest and Nicosie, on September 30 and October 1st. Our delegate Jean Fulcrand reports that the orientation of the European Commission, concerning sport, is still focussed on economy, finance, transfert of players, professionalisation, marchandisation, the whole with generally a forgotten human dimension.

Europeans Programs: : For the first time in history, the European Commission adopted a line "promotion of the European traditional games and sports" in its action for sport. It is probably one of the results of the different ETSGA actions by the European parliamentarians and the Commission (call EAC/S03/2013). This preparatory action for the program 2014-2020 has for goal to elaborate future actions of the European Union in this domain, from the priorities established in the white Book of 2007 on sport, and the 2011 communication titled “To develop the European dimension of sport."

Projects: Following this call three projects have been sent by ETSGA members in the month of July. VLaS (Belgium), the FIGeST (Italy) and the AGA Verona (Italy). In the month of October, the two first have received positive answers; for a total of 14 out of 135.

Recognition of the TSG.
Many books exist on the TSG, but they are often inaccessible to the majority because the edition in only in one language. The necessity to translate several basic books is obvious in order to have the means to promote the ideas of ETSGA. For this helps exist within programs of the European commission.

San Marcos, Honduras:
from 4 to May 8 a festival of traditional games was organised, associated with the constituent Convention of the APJDAT, the “Asociación Panamericana de Juegos autóctonos y tradicionales”. The journalist Nelson Medina Puerto was elected president, Gregorio Ramos Melo, vice-president.

Monterrey, Mexico: The APJDAT met for the second time during the national meeting of the Mexican TSG Federation, July 19-21. Contact:
Contact: fmjdat@hotmail.com

ITSGA: The Convention of the international organisation ITSGA has been organised in Santander (Spain) from 22 to August 25, in paralel with the Semana Bolistica. Representatives of several continents were present. Works have been done in a good atmosphere and the agenda had numerous meetings, conferences and receipts with the authorities, as well as numerous visits to TSG events. The new TSG Pan-American organisation has been accepted as member. The new Council is the following one: President: Guy Jaouen (France), Secretary: Gregorio Ramos (Mexico), Vice-president East-Asia: Young-Jong Lee (South Korea), V-Pdt North Africa, Ezzedine Bouzid (Tunisia), V-Pdt West-Asia: Gholamréza Jafari (Iran), V-Pdt Central and South America: Nelson Medina Puerto (Honduras), V-Pdt for the academic relationship: Pere Lavega i Burguès (Spain), Treasurer: Erik de Vroede (Belgium).

UNESCO: The MINEPS V, Conference of the ministers and high commissioners responsible for physical education and sport was held in Berlin, May 28 to 30. The main themes were (I) access to sport as a fundamental right for all, (II) promoting public investment in physical education and sport programs, and (III) preserving the integrity of sport against faked matches, illegal bets, the doping and the corruption in sport. http://minepsv.org/
The MINEPS V of Berlin took some resolutions in favour of the TSG that can help your steps by the administrations and ministries.

Dino Berti,
president of the FIGeST and former vice-president of ETSGA, have been elected May 29 President of the Italian Coordination for Affiliated Disciplines by the Italian Olympic committee. This coordination represents 19 Sport Federations in Italy.

Pierre Parlebas, president of the CEMEA, a long time servant of the traditional games, will receive December 18 the medal of La Légion d’Honneur, the French state recognizing thus the action of his whole life for education.

Traditional games on "youtube": some examples, and you can yourselves add some videos.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFK5fHTVepk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xPIXn5KZ64


New teaching material:

Publication of the book Giochi di strada, from Dora Cirulli, by UniversItalia and the FIGeST - 270p 15€, Italian.
The Xerais editions published Enciclopedia de Brinquedos Tradicionais, the famous traditional toys encylopedia of Antón Cortizas, 1080p. Galician. On sale on amazon.


Alfa Editrice published S’Istrumpa, from Piero Frau, 1st manual of Sardinian wrestling style.
Tesz-Vesz published the video Sportjátékok Európában, from Istvan Bali. Contact:


The ADAL Asociación published its educational magazine.
www.apefadal.es info@apefadal.es
Suburbia Ediciones published Atles de los Bolos Asturianos, with the help of the Asturian Principality. Carlos Suari, 250p.


The Federation Cantabra de Bolos published the imposing book 50 Años de la Liga de Bolos, 1958 - 2008, 480p. Coordinator Fernando de la Torre. federacion@maderadeser.com


The Canarian government published Los Juegos y Deportes Tradicionales Canarios, school Program of Canaria for the TSG. 60p.
The Canarian government published No olvides lo nuestro (don’t forget our’s), school Program of Canaria for the TSG. 52p.


The Confederation VLaS published the last Number of its magazine TREND. Hein.Comeyne@vlas.be
The Chiron editions published Sport et bien-être relationnel, under the direction of Luc Collard and with Pierre Parlebas. 18€


The Presses Universitaires of Grenoble published Identités sportives et revendications régionales (19° & 20° siècles), 160p. 19,90€, French.
The editions l’Harmattan published Les jeux collectifs en Europe - direction of Laurent Fournier. - 29,45€. Book of acts of the 2011symposium organised on the games of cultural tradition in Nantes (France), by the Eurethno network.


The editions A Nosa Terra (to our earth) published Os Xoguetes Esquecidos, from López xosé and Xosé Manuel, 138p, Galician.


The association AGA Verona published A Paese che Gioca, from Vittorio Canisi. 70p.
Tradijoc, in collaboration with the government of Catalonia, published Tradijoc, direction Biel Pubill, 60p. gpubill@xtec.cat

The Web Site JUGAJE - www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.