JUGAJE INFO N° 26 – June 2012

ETSGA 2012 Convention will take place in Rodez, Aveyron, France, organised by the National Committee of Skittle of eight and FFBSQ. It will be celebrated at the occasion of the Centenary of the Skittle of 8 codification and propose a very large program. Contact: jregourd@wanadoo.fr
Program of the 2012 Convention: Friday August 3:9h15: General Meeting (Building of the Departmental Archives); 14h30: Receipt to the County Council; 16h00: International conference to the departmental Archives; 20h30: Final phases of the skittle of 8 France Cup.
Saturday August 4:. 10h00: Receipt in town hall of Rodez; parade of the skittle of 8 clubs; 15h30: European festival and 2° university of the Skittle; conference with the ITSGA delegates; 20h30: Meal of the Centenary and official ceremony . Sunday August 5. 9h00 - 12h00: European festival; 7h45 - 19h00: France Championship by teams.

European Parliament: The motion elaborated by ETSGA has been placed on the Website, page “ texts ".

ETSGA decalogue: file has been placed on the Web site.

Meeting of Aranda de Duero: IETSGA Council met at ARANDA de Duero, Spain, March 23-24. One of the goals of this meeting was to sensitise the policy makers on the creation of a "life Museum", with traditional games activities for the public and scholars for initiation and training. ETSGA welcomed new members: the University of ALCALA (Madrid), Les Amis du Mus�e des Jeux (Grenoble), the Vela Latina federation (Canaria). A demand coming from the insular Council of Tenerife (Canaria) is on the way.


Symposia, conferences:
Mauvezin, France: The acts of the conference traditional Games and sustainable and local development organised in Mauvezin in 2011, will be published by the FDFR Le Gers. Contact: fdfr32@wanadoo.fr

Ariana, Tunisia: April 20-23. The 4th international meeting on games, sport and playful cultural traditions was organised at Ariana, helped by the ministry of culture, Ariana Media library and sport and physical education Superior Institute. Invited delegations came from Catalonia, Portugal, France, Egypt, Algeria, Taiwan and Brazil. Contact: e.bouzid@hotmail.com

Catalonia: May 18 & 19, a two days international congress, Els Jocs en la historia, was organised in Mora La Nova and Ascó by Catalan department of culture and Ramon Muntaner Institute. This Convention was the final phase after four years of meetings. 2008: Societies through the game; 2009: Games - Heritage, Tourism and Feasts; 2010: Material and intangible culture in the game; 2011: Game and interculturality.

Rodez, France: August 3, at the time of the ETSGA Convention at Rodez, an international conference will be given: Which models of development for traditional sports and games, amphitheater of the departmental archives.
- Skittles of Cantabria: José Angel Hoyos, president of the educational project "Madera de ser ", vice president of the FCB.
- Valdotan games and sports: Fabrizio Vierin, FENT and FIGEST vice president.
- Celtic and traditional wrestling: Guy Jaouen, FILC treasurer, president of ITSGA.
- Skittles of eight: Jacques Regourd, FFBSQ vice president and president of the national committee for the Skittles of eight.

Berlin, Germany: A world seminary on traditional wrestling will be organised, September 7-9 in Berlin, by the Institute of ethnography.

India: The Sports and Physical Education Institute of Amravati city, state of Maharashtra, organises a Global Conference on Traditional Physical Cultures, Sport & Games in January 2013, from 14 to 17. January 2012 saw a preparatory conference and a tour of promotion is organised in Europe in July.
http://www.flickr.com//photos/omjigupta/sets/72157629398417449/show/ http://www.globcontpcsg.in

Europe: Sport Forum of the European Union will take place in Nicosie, Cyprus, September 19-20. jfulcrand@numericable.fr

ITSGA: The 1st Convention of the international organisation has been organised in Verona (Italy), at the time of the 2011 TOCATI festival. Representatives of several continents were present, West Europe, East Europe, Arabique Zone, West Asia, South East Asia, North East Asia, Central America and Caribbean, South America, as well as some delegations of players from Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Portugal and Sweden. This meeting gave to opportunity to all delegates to exchange on present reality, ideas for future collaborations, and to agree on the modes of representation for the TSG to the world level. The CIGEPS of UNESCO president was present in order to show his interest for the works of ITSGA. The next Convention will be organised in 2013.

Mexico: The 15th national meeting of autochthonous and traditional games will be organised from July 19 to 22 in the city of Merida, Yucatan. This meeting will see the participation of international delegates (two from ETSGA) in the perspective to reinforce the TSG Pan-American association.
Contact: fmjdat@hotmail.com

Arabique zone: A meeting is planned to Egypt in order to set up a sub continental organisation for traditional sports & games.

UNESCO: The 4th AGM session of the member states for the safeguard of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, accredited at the beginning of June the Confederation Falsab as NGO by UNESCO. It joins ETSGA in the NGO list having a consulting vote to the intangible commission heritage (ICH).
Demands of registration to the world list of intangible heritage. Steps are under development coming from Brittany and Léon (Esp). Text 1, Text 2

Sportimonium (Belgium) was nominated for its work in order to preserve “ludodiversity” or playful diversity (for the safeguard of the intangible cultural heritage).

Associazione Giochi Antichi, Italy, organised, in collaboration with the university of Verona, a project enhancing traditional games under the angles of the public space reuse and tourism. Projects elaborated by students will give them academic credits for their diplomas. info@associazionegiochiantichi.it

Asociación del Bolo Vaqueiro, Asturia, created, with the support of educational centers, a degree course of two months for initiation to autochthonous games for scholars. A gathering marked the final phase to La Panera.

FILC: The 2013 European championship of celtic wrestling will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland, 24 to 28 April. Competitions in Glima, Back-Hold and Gouren (wrestling from Iceland, Scotland and Brittany).

Research: The British Library brings some interesting and old iconographies on Brittish art of wrestling.

Babel project: Babel is a forum of encyclopedic vocation. It has for objective to gather testimonies, documents, elements of grammar, vocabulary. A part is dedicated to the regional traditional sports, games of children, feasts.

Traditional games on "youtube": some examples
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugscpEcH-M4& list=UU882I0IAvCD9YE3Np2BPfRg&index=4&feature=plcp
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVMfjd_VBzo& list=UU882I0IAvCD9YE3Np2BPfRg&index=8&feature=plcp

Evergem (Flanders): International festival of Evergem, organised by the Belgian association of Krulbol and VLaS, will take place the 2nd weekend of August, 10, 11, 12 & 13.

Fontaine Guérin (France): The international festival will be organised September 15 & 16, 2012.
Contact: ghislaine.payne@wanadoo.fr

Verona, Tocati (Italy): 2003 - 2012. Tocati will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September. The Festival will be dedicated to the European playful tradition, with delegations coming from all regions having already participated.

New teaching aids:

Onada edicions published Els jocs i la tradició lúdica de Sant Mateu al segle XX, Eines collecció, 3. 164p, from Joan Ortí Ferreres, in Catalan. http://www.onadaedicions.com/
Institute Ramon Muntaner published Els jocs i la interculturalitat, 190p. Acts of the 2011 congress.


Federation Cantabra de Bolos published Division de Honor 2012. federacion@maderadeser.com
ADAL Asociación published its educational magazine.
www.apefadal.es info@apefadal.es


Diasporique and the teaching league published N° 17 of the Diasporiques magazine, 96p, with articles dedicated to the dialogue of cultures. www.diasporiques.org
Nova Escola Galega published N° 51 of the Revista Galega de Educación dedicated to Xoguetes Tradicionaises (traditional toys), 116p. anton@edu.xunta.es


Assessorat for Education and Culture of Aosta Valley published Giochi, sport tradizionali e societá, acts of the 2010 symposium, 190p. fabriziovierin@libero.it
Confederation VLaS published the last number of its TREND magazine. Hein.Comeyne@vlas.be.


Edition of the book: ULAMA, El juego de la vida y de la muerte, The game of life and death, 80p, with DVD (bilingual: Spanish and English). autoctonos2004@terra.com.mx
Associació Cultural Lo Llaüt published Els jocs en temps dels moriscs, 24p, in Catalan. info@lollaut.com


sociaci�n Bolo Vaqueiro published a DVD summarising the seminary of June 12, 2010, at Cangas del Narcea: Los Bolos, Tradici�n, Cultura y patrimonio del pueblo. info@bolovaqueiro.com
Assessorat for Education and Culture of Aosta Valley published Rebatta, a people's sport. fabriziovierin@libero.it

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