JUGAJE INFO N° 25– May 2011

ETSGA 2011 Convention will be held at Mauvezin, Le Gers (France), organised by the FDFR 32, with the help of FNSMR (national federation for rural sports). fdfr32@wanadoo.fr

Program of the 2011 Convention: Friday 24th of June "Jorn in òc", departmental event around the Occitan language. 16h30: Conference. Saturday June 25th. Assembly General Meeting, TSG festival and FNSMR sport gathering. Stands, market and animation in partnership with agricultural organisation's from Le Gers. Sunday June 26th. Tourist visit in the region of "Les Portes de Gascogne".

Action by the European Parliament: An initiative must be underlined following actions of Brinquedia - AGXPT (Galicia). The ALE group, Free European Alliance, propose to promote a declaration written within the Parliament. This action requires the signature of 40 deputies coming from three political groups and a call is made to other groups in order to join this initiative.

Meeting of Valencia: ETSGA welcomed 3 new members at its winter meeting, on February 26 & 27: Associació Cultural Lo Llaüt (Catalunya - Spain), Ti Ar Gouren (Brittany - France), and Fundación Zaragoza 2016 (Aragon - Spain).

Spain: Creation of Foundation "LAYA", play heritage, whose role will be to assist ETSGA to the Spanish level. It has been recognised by Sport Ministry. José Angel Hoyos is the President. jahoyos@maderadeser.com

Symposia, conferences:
Aosta, Italy: October 14th and 15th, 2010, FIGeST and ETSGA organised a seminary on the theme "Promotion of the traditional games through school - Analyses and Perspectives in Italy" with the participation of many experts.
Lesneven, Brittany: June 11th, conference "Democracy, local cultures and cultural globalisation through the prism of the TSG", twinned with the 10th birthday of ETSGA. With G. Jaouen, P. Parlebas, J. Regourd, Jean Michel Le Boulanger: June 12th, TSG festival.
Mauvezin, Le Gers, France: Conference "Traditional Games, sustainable and local development" will be organised at Mauvezin, at the time of the 2011 Convention, with Roland Renson, Pierre Parlebas, Fernando Maestro, Pierino Daudry and Bernard Glacial.
Nantes, Brittany, France: September 17-18th, international symposium of the "Eurethno" network and Council of Europe, with the Nantes Centre of sociology, STAPS UFR - University of Nantes. Theme: "Collective games and revitalisation of traditions in Europe: for a comparative approach of the body practices".

ITSGA, the inter-continental organisation, that has a function of spokesperson for the TSG network to the world level, organise its 1st convention at the time of the Tocati festival, Verona, September 22 to 25th. A world conference will also be organised with the present delegates and games from different parts of the world will be in demonstration.

Large Maghreb: A meeting took place in Béchar, Algeria, at the time of a seminary of formation for TSG leaders organised by the TSG Algerian federation. This meeting had for subject to prepare the creation of an Arabic zone TSG organisation. Participants wished to associate specific TSG organisations with others in charge of sport for all. kader_feder@yahoo.fr

Mexico: The Mexican federation for TSG organised its 13th national meeting last November. Besides was organised an international meeting with delegates from South America in order to prepare the creation of a TSG continental organisation. Contact: fmjdat@hotmail.com

UNESCO Intangible heritage
ETSGA is member, since June 2010, of NGO's having a consultative vote to the commission of the intangible heritage of UNESCO (ICH).
A ICH meeting has been organised in Kenya from 15 to 19 of November. This meeting has decided to add some cultural practices to the intangible heritage list of UNESCO.
Of which, the human towers of Catalonia.
Turkish traditional oil wrestling.
Games of Nadaam festival in Mongolia.
But also the exercises of Zurkhaneh in Iran. The falconry was defended by VLaS and the Sportimonium, as well as many other countries. ETSGA encourages applications of similar projects.

Associazione Giochi Antichi, Italy concluded an agreement with “Italia150”, committee that celebrates in 2011 the 150th anniversary of the Italy unification. AGA Verona participates in this project on a national scale while organising courses for teachers, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of education.
For the 2nd year, some lessons will also be given at the University of Verona on the theme of “Traditional and old” Games. http://www.motorie.univr.it/fol/main?ent=oi&aa=2010%2F2011& codiceCs=Y20&codins=4S02894&cs=341&discr=&discrCd =
For its festival Tocati, AGA Verona decided that regions with strong cultural identity (or linguistic territories) will be available to be “guess of honour”.


Asociación del Bolo Vaqueiro opened a forum on the different skittles modalities from Asturia. www.forobolos.com.
The video of the Cangas Narcea Convention in 2010 is available on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-MLMMjUy04

Federació Catalana de Bitlles i Bowling signals its new Web site: http://www.fcbb.cat

Evergem, Flandre: From Friday 12th to Monday 15th of August, the Belgian Association of Krubol, in partnership with VLaS, will organise the “The European Gathering for Traditional Sports” with various international competitions: Nertherland / Flanders / Denmark. Tir à l’arc à la perche verticale: Wallonie / Netherland / Brussels / Flanders / France. Tir à l’arc à la perche horizontale : Netherland / Flanders / France. Gaaibol: Netherland / Flanders. Others competitions of TSG will be held: Katapult, Manchetbaankegelen, Curve-bowls, Paapgooien, Vlegeldorsen, Struifvogel, etc. Contact:
Huyghe.P@belgacom.net. www.krulbol.be

New teaching aids:
ADAL Association published the CD La Evaluación Formativa en el Contexto Internacional de la convergencia europea, with J.L. Pastor Pradillo, B. Muros Ruiz, J.C. Luis Pascual. Librerías Deportivas Esteban Sanz S.L. Calle Paz, 4, 28012 Madrid. www.libreriadeportiva.com
The general secretariat for sports in Catalonia published Jocs I Esports Tradicionals a Catalunya, folder of educational cards, with Pere Lavega, Antoni Costes and Biel Pubill. 114p. In Catalan. gpubill@xtec.cat


CEMEA’s national department of research, “Games and Play practices”, France, published the DVD “Les jeux sportifs au cœur de l’éducation nouvelle”. 26 min, and educational cards : Jeux du monde, d’ici et d’ailleurs. 24 cards + booklet. 132p. In French. publications@cemea.asso.fr


The service for Education & Culture of the Autonomous Region Valley of Aosta published the superb book “Giovanni Thoux”, painter who dedicated dozens of his paintings to the Valdotan traditional games. Pierino Daudry signed the text, Italian and French. 128p. fabriziovierin@libero.it


The archives of Le Lot department, France, published Le rampeau, c’est tout un art (ethnographic survey). Dominique Saur, 120p. In French. archives@cg46.fr
Paulo Coelho de Araújo and Mário Duarte Maia Rodrigues have self published O Jogo do Beto no Concelho da Lousá, 96p, in Portuguese. pcoelho@fcdef.uc.pt


British Academy published a thesis on the English traditional games. England's Revelry. A History of Popular Sports and Pastimes, 1660-1830. Emma Griffin, 320p. In English.
The editions Alan Sutton (Fr) published Les joutes en France – l’âge d’or – 1880-1920. J. Sagnard and JC Caira. 190P. http://www.editions-sutton.com/commander.html


The Web Site JUGAJE - www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.