JUGAJE INFO N° 24 – September  2010

The The 2010 Convention of Guarda meeting (Portugal) saw the participation of delegates from several continents. A conference on the theme “Traditional Games and International Development: examples, stakes and limits” have been organised with success. Guy Jaouen, ETSGA; Filip Reis, anthropologist; Joan Ricart, President of the Catalan Federation of bitlles & bowling, and José Rodrigues from the AJT Guarda were the speakers. Atmosphere during the event was very good thanks to the volunteers work of the AJT Guarda.
The 2011 Convention will be organised in the region of Auch, France, by the FDFR of Le Gers (Fédération des Foyers Ruraux), in collaboration with the FNSMR (national federation for sport in rural environment). fdfr32@wanadoo.fr

The winter meeting will take place in Valencia (Spain) at the end of the month of February 2011. escolajocs@comunitatvalenciana.com

Several organisations joined ETSGA since the AGM of Aranda de Duero in 2009: The Club deportivo 6Conceyos (Asturia - España); ESPOR(a) d’Asturies (Asturia); GAIA CIDEMS (Pays Basque - France); Asociación Galega do Xogo popular e Tradicional (Galicia - España); Comité National Canne de Combat et Bâton (France) ; MORRAPITA (Catalogne - España); Federación de Lucha del Garrote Canario (Canaria - España) ; AGXPT (As. Galega Do Xogo Popular e Tradicional); Federation de Lucha del Garrote Canario (Canaria); Area Education y Deportes de Telde (Canaria) ; Corre Calles (Aragon).

European project: VLaS confederation, Belgium, sent at the end of August a European application called I-VOLTS: Improving Volunteering in Traditional Sport. If this project is accepted, its budget will permit the realisation in 2011 and 2012 of an important program of actions linked with ETSGA’s network. The partners of the project are ETSGA, Sportimonium vzw, Vla Boogsportfederatie Liggende wip, Belgische Krulbolbond vzw, BTB-Vl (Be), Associación La Tanguilla (Sp), FDFR 32, Ass. Int. pour la Promotion des Quilles de 8 (Fr), FIGeST (It), Nederlandse Beugelbond (NL), Associaçao de Jogos Tradicionais de Guarda (Pt), Gerlev (Dk). The co-ordinator is Hein Comeyne. Hein.Comeyne@vlas.be

ITSGA conference: ITSGA organised its first conference in Guarda, at the time of the ETSGA yearly Convention. The lecturers were Juan Carlos Luís Pascual (Spain); Elizara Marin (Brazil); Gregorio Ramos (president of the TSG Federation of Mexico); Abdelkader Abbassi (president of the TSG federation of Algeria). perelavega@ludere.es
Skittles of six (Catalan): At the end of 2008 the Federation Salvadorian of Bowling, the one from Guatemala and the Federació Catalanas de Bitlles i Bowling created in Barcelona the world association of Six Bowling in order to promote the Catalan skittles and similar games, in their cultural, educational and sporting expression. alessia@tbowling.cat
The World research Fund on cancer blames FIFA for having badly chosen its economic partners for the soccer World Cup. Indeed, in a context where this organisation uses permanently the speech of the sport benefit for health, the World Fund hopes that “in the future FIFA won't choose any more sponsors who sell unhealthy products”. “Coca-Cola and McDonalds have indeed the right to display their advertisements on all sites of the world event” precise the French newspaper Le Monde.

Festivals / conferences:
Fontaine Guérin (Anjou, Fr): Association Jeux, Culture et Tradition d'Anjou organises on September 18 & 19 Les Boulympiades, international throwing games festival.
Verona, Italy: TOCATI, the 2010 games in the street festival will take place on September 25 & 26. The guest of honour is Switzerland. The theme of the conference will be “ Traditional Games, culture and Education ”. Lecturers will be Frederico Schena (Univ. Verone); Vanna Gherardi (Univ. Bologne); Pere Lavega (INEF Lleida) and a anthropologist. info@tocati.it
Léon (Spain): Federación de lucha leonesa and FILC organise from September 30 to October 2 an international gathering of traditional wrestling at the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of Léon's kingdom. A conference will be held at the Univ. of Léon, as well as workshops, competitions and a championship of Lucha Leonesa. http://www.luchaleonesa.es
Tenerife (Spain, Canaria): Different federations organise a Canarian martial arts international congress from October 8 to 10, in Guía de Isora. org.tamarca@gmail.com
Aosta (Italy): FIGeST and ETSGA organise in Aosta a seminary of formation for the FIGeST leaders (clubs, regional leagues, etc), October 14 and 15, 2010. The theme will be TSG in schools. Lecturers will be Pierre Parlebas (Univ. Sorbonne), Pere Lavega (INEF Lleida); Gianfranco Staccioli (Univ. Florence); Vittorio Ferrero (CONI); Helen Certan (FENT); José Angel Hoyos (Madera de Ser); Pierino Daudry (Aoste).
Montpellier (France): in August, at the time of their convention, CEMEA France shown a teaching video of 26mn on children traditional games. This video has just been achieved and is available in DVD format.
Sardinia: From August 2010, 9 to 13, took place at Villagrande the 5th traditional wrestling meeting, associating music, dance and culture of a few other countries: England, Iceland, Scotland, Brittany, Léon and Senegal.
Information on the Greek web site of traditional wrestling:
Asturia: In June, the seminary Los Bolos - Tradición, cultura y patrimonio del pueblo (Skittles – people’s tradition, culture and heritage) has been organised in collaboration with Asociación Bolo Vaqueiro and the participation of Fernando Maestro and Carlos Suari. pasabolovaqueiro@yahoo.es

Zaragoza exhibition: About 15 000 people visited the exhibition of Fernando Maestro during two and half months, of which dozens of schools. fernandomaestro@ludere.es
Madera de Ser, Cantabria: In the month of May has been celebrated the 10th birthday of the Madera de Ser project and the registration of the 50.000th pupil.
Parliamentary association in France: on June 29th has been created, at the initiative of Philippe Vitel and Alain Marc, MP’s of Le Var and Aveyron, a parliamentary body dedicated to TSG in France. This association of MP’s and senators has for honour chairwoman Mrs. Rama Yade, State secretary for sports. President of ETSGA was invited in order to inform the participants of the TSG situation. jregourd@wanadoo.fr
French audiovisual archives with seminary and international meeting of spring 1990 in Brittany.
Museo Campo: A monumental sculpture has been achieved on the model of Birlas (Skittles) Campos, and setting up in the village of Campo. museocampo@spicom.es

Traditional sports and living animal: In February 2010, two associations attacked the traditional wrestling federation in Brittany because they hand a living ram as a reward to the winner of the tournament. The animal is placed on the winner's shoulders in sign of victory, without brutality. This practice is very current in numerous traditional wrestling in Europe and exist since at least 15 centuries. In order to answer to this problem, an amendment to the French Law has been adopted in July 2010. This one permits henceforth to offer a living animal as a reward, in some precise cases.

New teaching aids:
ADAL association, Madrid, published its periodic magazine Revista Pedagógica, 44p, in Spanish. info@apefadal.es
Argentina: Oscar Incarbone, ITSGA representative in Argentina published Con el juego, No se juega. Maestra collection. oincarbo@yahoo.com.ar

FIGeST published its colour news-bulletin N° 3.
Canaria: Government of Canarias, Education department, published La Lucha Autóctona Del Garrote Canario - by Jorge Domínguez Naranjo, 2008, 84p.

VLAS published a guidebook in colour with the 23 traditional sports of Flanders: Traditionele Sporten In Vlaanderen. 585 societies are affiliated to VLAS. Hein.Comeyne@vlas.be.
The Federaci�n Cantabra de Bolos published its yearly book Memoria de actividades 2009. 390p. federacion@maderadeser.com

Coimbra (Portugal): Paulo Coelho de Ara�jo and Nuno Miguel Casaca Mend�s wrote and published: O logo da Bola de Aro em Sao Miguel de Machede. 88p. pcoelho@fcdef.uc.pt
Portugal: the townships association of the Evora district published a book on the game of Malha: FestaDaMalha. 68p. ajtguarda@sapo.pt. http://videos.sapo.pt/YpIUC6M8u6PKA0ooagBZ

, Languedoc-Roussillon: The symposium of June 2009 had been organised at the time of the TSG festival. The CIRDOC, Centre for development of the Occitan published the book Latinit�, M�diterran�e et Mondialisation culturelle, 228p. tambourin.ligue-lr@wanadoo.fr
Tunisia: Ezzeddine Bouzid, from the association tunisienne de sauvegarde des jeux et sports du patrimoine published a DVD of the Kharbaga game in digital version. e.bouzid@hotmail.com



Island of La Réunion: The association La Croche published the book: La Croche - lutte traditionnelle réunionnaise. Azalée Editions, 16 €, 148p. contact@lacroche.com
Brittany: Jean Ollivier, ex-president of the FALSAB has auto published 4 books on the anecdotal history of the gouren, from 1336 to our days. 4 volumes of 398 pages.

The Web Site JUGAJE www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.