JUGAJE INFO N° 23 – April  2010

The ETSGA council meeting of March 12 and 13 at Zaragoza, Spain, took numerous decisions: welcome to six new members; participation to the congress of Nanchang, China; action by the European institutions in 2011; proposition that the yearly meetings organised at the time of the AGM should be called Euro-Festival of Traditional Sports and Games (TSG). The form wished for this festival would associate a conference, the AGM, a festival of games (demonstration and/or competition), official receptions and a small fair around the game in general (book, material, etc.). A photo report is available on the www.JUGAJE.com web site.

2011 Convention: The Fédération des Foyers Ruraux du Gers (AUCH region, France), with the support of the FNSMR, presented its candidacy. Contact: fdfr32@wanadoo.fr

The 2010 Convention (Euro-Festival) will take place on Friday 9 July (possible welcome since the morning), Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 at Guarda, Portugal. Program: Friday evening, international conference: « Traditional games and international development: examples, stakes and limits ». Saturday morning: general meeting. Saturday afternoon: international festival. Sunday: tourism and ceremonies. Contact: ajtguarda@sapo.pt

European union: The programme youth in action of the European union subsidises youth exchanges that can help us to develop a new dynamism of relationships between our regions.

Creations of structures 
ITSGA: The world organisation created at the time of the Aranda de Duero Convention is called ITSGA, International Traditional Sport & Games Association. Its main function is the representation of the TSG network in the international institutions and in the world level events. 
Tunisia: The general director for sports of Tunisia, Mohamed Zribi, received Guy Jaouen, president of ITSGA, and Ezzeddine Bouzid, president of the Tunisian association, in order to study the development of the TSG in Tunisia. Mr Zribi put forward the idea of the creation of a TSG Tunisian federation, as it already exists in Algeria, in order to frame their development.  Contact: e.bouzid@hotmail.com
Spain: Negotiations are in progress in order to create a Spanish TSG association. Some meetings on this topic took place with the Superior Council for Sports of Spain. This new organisation would assure a representative role for all the TSG in Spain, without a directive role. A TSG association or federation is also on study in France.
Contact: fernandodiestro@piquio.com

Brittany, France: The Confederation FALSAB became member of the Regional Olympic and Sport Committee. In 2009, the whole FALSAB network (federations and associations) did 869 animations, actions that touched 83,000 people, of which 19,100 children. Otherwise 547 official days of competition have been organised, representing 40 to 50% of the real number of contests in the local feasts. Contact:

Festivals, conferences
Europe: The new web site of the FILC, International Federation of Celtic Wrestling is: http://www.filc-ifcw.com/
Languedoc-Rousillon, Fr: The festival will be held at Mèze, near Sète, Saturday June 19th. tambourin.ligue-lr@orange.fr
Game world day: In 2010, it will be on Monday, June 28th.
VLaS, Evergem, Belgium: The Europese Spelen 2010 will take place August 14th and 15th at Evergem. Numerous games will be in competition: handboog liggende wip, handboog staande wip, krulbol, gaaibol, kegelen, and katapult.
Anjou, France: The throwing games international festival (Boulympiades) will be held in Fontaine Guérin (Anjou, France) on September 18th and 19th. Contact:
Verona, Italy: The Tocati festival will take place on September 25th and 26th. The 2010 guest is Switzerland. info@tocati.it
Aoste, Italy: After 10 years of experimentation in the schools of the region, the Federaxon Esport Nothra Tera (FENT) and ETSGA organise a symposium on « Traditional Games and Pedagogy », to school, from 15th to 17th of October. Pierre Parlebas (Univ. La Sorbonne), Gianfranco Staccioli (Univ. Firenze), Pere Lavega (Univ. Lleida), Massimo Lanza (Univ Verona), Prof. Hélène Certan, Prof. Pierino Daudry (Aosta) are some of the speakers. Practical workshops will be organised every afternoon. Contact: fabriziovierin@libero.it
Asia: The 21st PanAsiatique Convention Sport & Physical Education will be organised in Nanchang, China, 22nd – 24th April. http://pacspe.web-62.com

New teaching material 
Zaragoza, Spain. Fernando Maestro, director of the Museo de Campo, achieved a major exhibition on TSG. This 600m² exhibition has been supported by the education and culture department of the Zaragoza city, that have other projects for the traditional games. The exhibition is open until May 23rd, accompanied by a very nice colour booklet of 60 p, in Spanish. Contact: fernandomaestro@ludere.es


The association La Tanguilla, Spain, published in March the book of acts of the Aranda of Duero 2009 symposium: « Traditional Games and Social Health », trilingual, Spanish, French and English, 220p, with the help of ETSGA, province of Burgos and city of Aranda de Duero. The book is now available by La Tanguilla. Contact: info@latanguilla.com. A presentation of the book can be seen on the following web site: 


Cantabria, Spain, the FC Bolos (Skittles) published Cincuentenario Liga de Bolos, the gold book of the League last fifty years, with the orderings, the players, the referees. A nice colour booklet of 60p, published with the help of Fundación Bolos de Cantabria & the government of Cantabria. Contact: federacion@maderadeser.com
The Federació Catalana de Bitlles i Bowling, Cataluña, published a DVD linked with its plan for international development of the Catalan game of Skittles.
Contact: alessia@tbowling.cat


ADAL association, Madrid, published its last magazine « Revista Pedagógica », 44p, in Spanish. Contact: info@apefadal.es
Govern de les Illes Balears (Government of the Balears Island, Spain) published the book and DVD « El Joc de la Bolla a Menorca », of Gemma Capdevilla Serrano and Marta Figueras Masip, 60p, in Catalan. This game of leaded bowls is played in pubs rear rooms as for many similar games in Europe, the bowl is spherical. Contact: gcs971@wanadoo.es


The Web Site JUGAJE www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.