JUGAJE INFO N° 22 – December 2009

ETSGA council winter meeting will take place in Zaragoza, Spain, 12 to 14 March 2010. Contact: angel_lassa@hotmail.com

2010 ETSGA Convention will take place on Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday July 11 in Guarda, in the Northeast of Portugal. The assembly general meeting will be organised on Saturday morning, the 10th.

World Federation: The continental delegates present at Aranda have created a world federation for traditional sports and games. The executive committee members are Guy Jaouen, Jong Lee (Korea), Pere Lavega, Liu Su-I (China) and Erik de Vroede. The main goal will be the representation of TSG network to the world level. 
UNESCO: In 2008 ETSGA presented its candidacy to be accredited as expert NGO in term of immaterial culture (concerning the playful heritage). This candidacy has been accepted and should be confirmed in June 2010. Contact: erik.devroede@sportimonium.be
Last September, 76 elements were inscribed on representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of Humanity.
Two of them can be considered as traditional games:
1. China - The Dragon Boat festival - Beginning on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, people of several Chinese ethnic groups celebrate the Dragon Boat festival, especially on the Yangtze River. 2. Mexico - The acrobatic ritual ceremony of the Voladores (‘flying men’) is a fertility dance performed in Mexico and Central America. For the Totonac people, it is a way to express respect for and harmony with the natural and spiritual worlds. More information

FIGeST: On 25-10 an international meeting has been organised in Rome on the theme of «Memory of the street games». http://www.indoboarditalia.com/home/articoli-a-news/articoli-eventi-indoboard/231-la-memoria-dei-giochi-di-strada.html
Valencia (Spain): On 16 & 17-09 Escola Autonòmica Jocs Tradicionals and another association from Asturia organised in Valencia a meeting about the family game « pic i pala / liriu / bòlit / escampilla / billarda » (Games of sticks and short sticks) and the possibility to achieve some competitions to the national or international level. escolajocs@comunitatvalenciana.com
Brittany: The Confederation Falsab will celebrate its 8s0th birthday on June 5 & 6, 2010. 
FILC: The European championship of Celtic wrestling will take place from 2 to 4 April 2010 in Saint Brieuc, Brittany. 

Festivals, conferences
Verona, Italy: The 2009 conference, whose theme was « Education by traditional games - Non formal objects and spaces » took place on 26-09 with communications of Pierre Parlebas, Edo Zocca, Massimo Lanza, and Guy Jaouen. The Greeks, who were the guests of honour, promised to organise a traditional games meeting in Greece. 
Mauritania: The first festival of the Sahara (Ouadane, February 2009) proposed, in parallel to the musical part and conferences, games, camel races, kheïmas, etc. The goal is to promote Mauritania culture, notably with the participation of the population to their cultural games.
Algeria: 8th National Festival of traditional sports & games will take place at Adrar, in the south of the country from  
28 to 31 of December. The 48 wilayas of the country will participate in the different disciplines, as matreg (stick), kora (ball), kherbga (game of checkers on sand), sig (short sticks of reed) and palm climbing. This festival is organised with the support of the Youth and Sports ministry and the wilaya of Adrar. The previous edition was held in 2007 at Mascara. 
Asia: After the Taipeï convention in Taiwan, last October, the 21st Pan-Asian Congress of Sports & Physical Education will be held at Jiangxi University, Nanchang, China, April 22 to 24, 2010. The limit to submit a text is 30/01/2010. 

New teaching material  
La Tanguilla published « Juegos Populares y Tradicionales Burgaleses », de C. de La Villa Porras et A. Gavilán. 200p.

Catalonia: The Ramon Muntaner Institute published, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the book « Les societats a travès del jocs » following the meeting of Tarragona in spring 2009. 184p. plavega@inefc.udl.cat


Catalunya: FCBB opens its Web site to other skittles modalities. In addition to the Catalan Bitlles, one can discover competition video reports of Bolos Leonese & Bolo Palma. http://www.tbowling.cat/
Cantabria: On 13-11, José Angel Hoyos received the Price «Bolístico APEBOL», honour that he immediately shared with everybody who work for the traditional games promotion. 
European union: The programme youth in action of the European union subsidises exchanges that concern us. http://ec.europa.eu/youth/youth-in-action-programme/doc74_fr.htm
ISCA had its AGM the 24-10 in Copenhagen. On this occasion it created a European committee whose president is the Italian Filippo Fossati, Pdt of UISP. 
Switzerland: The Swiss Museum of games is sheltered in the Tour-de-Peilz Castle, small city coupled with Vevey. 
Portugal: ICCP, international committee of children game, will organise its 25th international conference in Lisboa, Gulbenkian foundation, Portugal, from 17 to 19 June, 2010. http://www.iccp-play.org/

Georgia: Traditional wrestling Chidaoba knows a new interest. The following video shows a team competition held on 27-10 where participate mixed champions chidaoba/judo.  
New teaching material (continued) 
ADAL association published « Las 10 claves del aprendizaje motor », of J.C. Luis Pascual, A.M. Díaz Garcia, J.Yuste Florido & C. Plazas Ballesteros. 172p. info@apefadal.es

EditoraUfsm (Brazil) published « Jogos e Esportes – Fundamentos e Reflexões da Praxiologia Motriz », Joáo F. Magno Ribas Editor. 208p. ribasjfm@uol.com.br


EUROBOL,  the transnational Féoga project, also called Juegos tradicionales y patrimonio cultural Europeo published « Los Bolos », direction F. Maestro, with M. García Cuadriello. A very beautiful technical book of 144p.  mar_cuadriello@proderason.com
TERRA ALTA Council, Catalonia, published a book of educational cards « Trobada comarcal de Jocs tradicionals a la Terra Alta », department of physical education of IES Terra Alta, 60p. fernandomaestro@ludere.es

Assochachon Valdoténa Jouà di Palet and the Valdotan autonomous region published the book « Lo Palet – Gioco valdostano e delle Terre europee », of Pierino Daudry, 1st FIGeST president & former president of the FENT. A very beautiful book of 190p. fabriziovierin@libero.it.
ISESPE (International Society of Eastern Sports & Physical education) of our Asian friends published its 2009 issue of « International Journal of Eastern Sports & Physical Education », with many articles on traditional games problematic. 148p. jolee@suwon.ac.kr


ETSGA wish you a merry Christmas 2009 !
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