JUGAJE INFO N° 21 – July 2009

The Assembly General Meeting of Aranda de Duero (Spain) was twinned with the Congress “traditional Games and social Health” prepared with academics. The 3 days were organised in a very good atmosphere thanks to the work of the Asociación La Tanguilla. About 180 people attended to the important conferences of Friday the 10th at the Counts of Peñaranda de Duero Palace. A book of acts will be published in 3 languages in September 2009. On Saturday, 34 organisation’s members participated in the A.G.M. of the European association. The 9 candidates have been elected. Dino Berti didn't represent himself, Norberto Gonçalves (Portugal) and Ricardo Navacerrada (Spain) are the new Council members. A new organisation has been admitted: The physical education faculty of the Coimbra university (Portugal). Sunday 12/07 the delegates attended the 4th national championship of “Calva” (a sort of quoit). Pictures of the A.G.M. are on the Asociación BRINQUEDIA Web site (Galicia): http://www.xogospopulares.com/index.php?
Idem on the “Fédération de la Bourle du Nord” Web site: http://f-b-n59.spaces.live.com
The Asociación La Tanguilla has published a set of 8 post cards for this occasion. Price 3€. info@latanguilla.com

World: Delegates of several continents were presents in Aranda. A historic meeting was held with the object to create a body for the traditional sports & games at the world level, the WCTSG (World Confederation for Traditional Sports and Games).

European Union: The EU has just published a call for proposal about a program concerning “sport”. This call concerns everybody from the games and sports network and is open to all members of ETSGA. The call will support transnational projects (3 to 9 member states)
The budget available for this call is € 4,000,000. EU co-financing will be provided to a maximum of 80% of the total costs, what is a very high condition.
The project proposes four possible area of intervention:
a) Health and physical activity (4 states)
b) Education and training in sport (9 states)
c) Sport for persons with disabilities (9 states)
d) Gender equality in sport (4 states)
The application must be send before August 31st, 2009. The projects should start between December 1st, 2009 and March 31st, 2010 and should end at the latest March 31st, 2011.

Scholar gatherings
Aosta, Brissogne (Italy): In May, the FENT, in collaboration with the regional association for Education and Culture, has organised a big school gathering of traditional games, with the involvement of 120 classes of the whole region. fabriziovierin@libero.it
Alcorcón, Madrid region: In May, the physical education professor’s association ADAL organised a gathering of 2200 pupils on the theme of “equality and interculturality”. Many traditional games were used in the workshops. info@apefadal.es

New teaching material:
La Tanguilla published « Juegos y Deportes tradicionales en la provincia de Soria » (T.S.G. of the Soria Area), by Gloria Delso Marrón.
Catalonia: The Catalan department of Culture has published “Els Jocs tradicionals i les noves tecnologies” (TSGA and the new technologies), directed by Elena Espy. plavega@inefc.udl.cat

The association Giochi Antichi (Tocati) published the book « siamo qui per la bellezza del gioco » (For the beauty of the game), by Vittorio Canisi.
England: The English Heritage published “Uppies and Downies” (hurling games of Great Britain), by Hugh Hornby

The university of Poznañ (Poland) has published the N° 16 of its review “Studies in physical culture & tourism”, directed by Wojciech Liponski. This issue is dedicated to a survey on the language and linguistics in the sport and games practice. iksnopil@interia.pl
The Spanish Léon saw the publishing of “Las mañas de los Aluches”, by J. A. Robles Tascón. barrennada@gmail.com

Festivals / conferences
Sète, Languedoc-Roussillon: The 2nd traditional sports & games festival of Sète (France) was organised on June 6th, 2009, in collaboration with the Languedoc-Roussillon League of tambourine ball, the FFBSQ, and regional organisations. The whole was supervised by the Languedoc Roussillon Region in the setting of a international symposium “Latinity, the Mediterranean and cultural globalisation”. Saturday afternoon was dedicated to “the traditional Sports of today”, with Jean Fulcrand, Guy Jaouen, Pere Lavega and Claire Torreilles from the university Paul Valéry of Montpellier.
Evergem, Flanders: On the 15th, 16th and 17th of August the Belgian association of Krulbol, in collaboration with the confederation VlaS, organises “The European Games of Traditional sports” with several international meetings: Krulbol: Netherlands / Flanders / Bulgaria / Denmark. Archery to the vertical perch: Wallonie / Netherlands / Brussels / Flanders / France. Archery to the horizontal perch: Netherlands / France / Flanders. Gaaibol: Netherlands / Flanders. Numerous other competitions will take place. http://belgische.krulbolbond.vzw.in .evergem
Verona, Italy, TOCATI. The 2009 festival 2009 will take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th of September. The guest of honour is Greece. The conference whose theme is “Education by traditional games - Non formal objects and spaces” will have 5 speakers: Pierre Parlebas, Edo Zocca, Massimo Lanza, Dino Mascalzoni and Guy Jaouen. info@tocati.it
Taipei (Taiwan): A World Congress will take place on October 15th and 16th, co-organised by our friends of ATSGA, the traditional games Asian organisation. Lecturers from 18 countries will be present, among them Roland Renson, Henning Eichberg, Ezzeddine Bouzid, Paulo Coelho and Ana Rosa Fachardo, associated to ETSGA. ams_andy@hotmail.com
Iceland: On August 22nd and 23rd, the Glímusamband, wrestling federation of Iceland, organises, in collaboration with IGA (International Glima Association) a world championship of Glima and Hryggspennutök. gli@isisport.is

FIGeST (Italy): The new president is Dino Berti.
FADT (Aragon - Spain): Angel Lassa is the new president of the Federación Aragonesa de Deportes Tradicionales. The ETSGA winter meeting 2009-2010 will take place in Zaragoza. angel_lassa@hotmail.com
Portugal: The 2010 Assembly General Meeting of ETSGA will take place in Guarda, in the North-East of Portugal, in July.
Tunisia: The Tunisian association for the games and sports of the heritage informs us of its new Web site “The Tunisian games of the heritage” http://tunijeux.uvt.rnu.tn./ 
Mexico: In April, Alida Zurita Botanegra left the presidency of the Federación Mexicana de Juegos  y Deportes autóctonos. The new president is Gregorio Ramos Melodrama.
Asia: The Web site of the International Journal of Eastern Sports & Physical Education is www.isdy.net

The Web Site JUGAJE www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.