JUGAJE INFO N° 20 – February 2009

Assembly General Meeting 2009 in Aranda de Duero (Spain): Program: Thursday July 9th: welcome; Friday July 10th: 9.00 world conference “Traditional Games and Social/Global Health”; 15.30: Technical workshops with Traditional Games; Saturday July 11th: 9th A.G.M. of the European Traditional Sports & Games Association; 16.30 traditional games festival; Sunday July 12th: Festival of women skittles and 4th National championship of “Calva Ribera del Duero”.

International representations   
UNESCO: From the 16th to 20th of January 2009, world delegates met in Tehran (Iran) in order to create a UNESCO World Consultative Committee for Traditional Games and to give a definition of the traditional games accepted by all. ETSGA already collaborates punctually with some of these personalities: group I (West Europe) Pere Lavega and Pierre Parlebas; group II (East Europe) Wojciech Liponski; group III (America) Alida Zurita (Mexico) and Oscar Incarbone (Argentina); group IV (Asia) Jong-Young Lee (Korea) and Chuchai Gomararut (Thailand); group Vb (North Africa - Arabia) Ezzeddine Bouzid. The creation of this committee will contribute to accelerate the measures in favour of the traditional games in the world, in particular in the domain of the physical education.   
European Union: On November 27th and 28th, 2008, the European Sport forum of Biarritz has finalised the White Book on sport. This European sport Council confirmed the interest of the European commission for the commercial and elitist orientation of sport, as well as the good intention oblivion of the European commission, expressed at the time of our motion in 2005. The white book was yet a good opportunity to give an official statute to the traditional games, in harmony with the UNESCO orientation.
Meetings in Mexico: From the 22 to 25 of November 2008 took place in Villahermosa - Tabasco, Mexico, the XI National Traditional Autochthonous Sports and Games Gathering, coinciding with the 20th birthday of the federation creation by Alida Zurita, the present chairwoman. The ETSGA was represented there and participated in several conferences and workshops. An agreement will be formalised in order to reinforce the scientific and technical collaborations.

The European union has just endowed its Program for Culture with a budget of 400 millions € for the period 2007-2013. 230 different projects will be supported per year.

Conferences on the traditional games
Verona, Italy,: « Le competenze e i sistemi di trasmissione in gioco” Educazione e trasmissione culturale nei giochi tradizionali. Prospettive, sperimentazioni e strumenti utilizzati. » The international conference of Saturday, September the 27, organised in collaboration with ETSGA on the theme of the traditional games transmission, attracted a numerous public of which more than one hundred students in physical education. info@tocati.it
Lleida, Catalonia: The ETSGA meeting of the 25-10 2008 offered the opportunity to organise the 24-10 an international seminar, organised in collaboration with the National Institute for Physical Education. This event was a success, with the participation of 140 students in physical education. plavega@inefc.udl.cat

Brittany: An international camp of traditional wrestling will be organised from 16 to 22 of February, in Ti Ar Gouren, the teaching centre for traditional wrestling, with European helps for the welcome of the delegations. federation@gouren.com
Valencia, Spain: The Congress on the “Pic i Pala” (Kit-Cat) family of games will take place from February the 27 to March the 1st. escolajocs@comunitatvalenciana.com
Sète, Languedoc-Roussillon, France: A inter-regional festival of traditional games will be organised in Sète on the 5, 6, 7 of June, 2009, with the Ligue Languedoc-Roussillon de Balle au tambourin, the FFBSQ, and the organisations of local games, the whole event in close collaboration with “Lo CIRDOC”, the Inter-Regional Centre for Development of the Occitan.
Cantabria: An international meeting of traditional wrestling took place in Torrelavega, with wrestlers from Uzbekistan, Galicia, Léon, Cantabria, Aquitaine and Brittany. The Cantabrian style was present. elluchadorcantabro@hotmail.com
VLaS, Flanders: The VlaS confederation, with the Belgian association of Krulbol, put on YouTube several videos showing the 2008 European Games of Evergem: 
2009 Alpiade Festival: The project of world traditional games festival in Austria is cancelled following a health problem of the co-ordinator.

New teaching material
Anjou: The association Games Culture, and Traditions from Anjou, that organise the Fontaine Guérin festival, has achieved a DVD presenting the festival. ghislaine.payne@wanadoo.fr
Madrid: The ADAL association published the number 17th of its educational magazine (December 2008). info@apefadal.es
Belgium: VLaS published the 4th issue of 2008’s TREND magazine, for the 20th year. Hein.Comeyne@vlas.be
Brittany: The confederation FALSAB published the number 14 of its Hekleo ar C’hoarioù. Falsab.noyal@wanadoo.fr


Spain: CORREOS, the Spanish Post office published a book with numerous boards of stamps representing the different Spanish family of traditional games. Each board is accompanied by explanations. cristina.rodriguez@correos.es
Mexico: The Mexican Traditional and Autochthonous Games and Sports Federation published in 2008 a book on its traditional games. autoctonos2004@terra.com.mx
Asia: The ATSGA (Asian Traditional Sport & Games Ass.) published its scientific magazine N°6. jolee@suwon.ac.kr
Tafisa: The Trim & Fitness International Sport for All ass. dedicated entirely its 3rd review to the traditional games theme. To get it: budde@tafisa.net

Russia: Valeri Krassilnikov, from the Ural University - Ekaterinburg published several books on the Siberian people autochthonous games. family@intess.ru
Argentina: Oscar Incarbone, pdt of the Asociación Latinoamericana de Salud y Actividad Física, and Hugo Guinguis, published the book Actividades Recreativas.
Galicia: Sunday February 8, 2009, the Galician sports administration, in association with BRINQUEDIA and its organisation members, organised an official presentation of the Development Strategic Plan for the regional Popular and Traditional Games. http://www.xogospopulares.com
Anjou, France: The Boule de Fort federation proposes to visit its Web site: www.fbdf.fr
Tunisia: The Tunisian association for the heritage spots and games proposes to visit the Web site “The heritage games of Tunisia” http://pf-ka.uvt.rnu.tn
Portugal: An initiative to revive the Galhofa wrestling and to transform it in a sporting discipline is currently in progress within the sports department of the Politécnico Instituto of Bragança.  http://www.mensageironoticias.pt/noticia/315
Brittany: In 2008, the whole FALSAB network did 466 animations, sensitising about 68 000 people (children, disabled people, general public). 209 were destined to the young public (11 722 children from the schools and leisure centres). 180 were for the general public (festivals, 55 650 people). 77 were specific to the disabled public. While adding the matches, the number of 1 031 events is reached (of which 39 specific tournaments for the women in 2008, against 20 in 2007). Falsab.noyal@wanadoo.fr

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