JUGAJE INFO N° 2 – August 2004

Belgium - shooting to the vertical and the horizontal perch, heritage of UNESCO : The Europeans Games of Evergem will be organised for the 2nd time by the Belgian association of Krulbol and VlaS in August, in Evergem. International meetings of Krulbol, Gaailbol and archery to the vertical and horizontal perch will take place. The Flanders ministry of culture leads currently an action to get the recognition of these last two games as UNESCO heritage. It would be an important award for the work done in Belgium.
Contact : hein.comeyne@vlas.be

Below an extract from a Turkish manuscript, dating 1566, with the same type of shooting.

Santander 2004: The Federacion Cantabra de Bolos organises its international yearly gathering from the 26 to 29 th of August.
Contact: federacion@maderadeser.com

Marche region (Italy) - Festival of traditional games in Corinaldo : The FIGeST organises on September the 11 th and 12 th 2004, in Corinaldo, at the Adriatic seaside in Italy, a festival of traditional games around the Italian championship of Ruzzola. Contact: dinoberti@aruba.it


Anjou (France) - The Boulympiades : The international festival of the Boulympiadeses will take place on the 11 th & 12 th of September, 2004 in Fontaine Guérin.

Canaries (Spain) - 2nd international Congres of traditional wrestling and games in Fuerteventura : This event follows the one organised in 1996. It will take place from the 7th to 10 th of December 2004, in Puerto Del Rosario.
Contact : secretaria@luchasyjuegos.com

Aosta 2004: On July 10 th, the general meeting of ETSGA took place in the Valley of Aoste Regional Council Palace. The delegates have been welcomed by Charles Perrin, president of the regional government, and Lucien CAVERI, assessor for tourism of the autonomous region of Aoste (North of Italy). The Spanish Federation of Skittles, the Catalan Federation of Skittles and Bowling, and the Catholic university of Louvain have been accepted as new members (federation college and academic college). An action will be organised besides the European parliament to get a specific program for the traditional games (following the orientations voted by this same parliament in 1994). « Recommendation of the European parliament to the European commission : …As regards instruments for an active policy of the European Union on the periphery of sport : (the parliament) calls on the commission to draw up a specific program to promote regional and traditional sport. »
The general assembly 2005 will take place in Santander, in Spain, toward August 25 th.
The delegates have visited the very beautiful permanent exhibition of games and toys of the Valley (of Pierino Daudry), and discovered the new regional center for the traditional games.

Galice (Spain) - Birth of « BRINQUEDIA » : The Galician coordination of traditional games was created in June 2004 in Melide, formed by cultural associations and sporting federations. Contact: Francisco Veiga Garcia: AGXPT@tiscali.es

www.JUGAJE.com  : Internet web site of ETSGA : Guy Jaouen - Breheunien - 29260 Lanarvily (France).
Contact: falsab.jaouen@wanadoo.fr