JUGAJE INFO N° 19 – September 2008

Perugia, Italy: 27 organisations were represented at the general meeting of ETSGA. The organisation of the congress by the friends of FIGeST was perfect and the conference was a success. Two new members joined us: La Ligue Languedoc Roussillon de jeu de balle au tambourin (France) and l’Asociacion de Profesorado de Educacion Fisica « ADAL » (Spain).
The AGM recorded three demands of events: an academic conference at the time of the TOCATI festival in Verona (Italy); the winter meeting in Lleida (Catalonia) the 24, 25 and 26 of October, with an international seminary at the sport university; and finally the 2009 international Congress of Aranda de Duero (center of Spain) on July 10-12, with the assembly general meeting of ETSGA.
A small gallery of pictures is visible on the following website: http://www.latanguilla.com/galeria.asp?id_seccion=33

International representations: Ezzeddine Bouzid, from the Tunisian association of traditional games and sports, represented ETSGA in the Dakar festival of wrestling, in July, where meetings with responsibles of several countries have been organised. Pierre Parlebas, from the CEMEA, represented ETSGA in the UNESCO congress of Kingston, Jamaica, mid-September. Guy Jaouen will be at the FILA world festival of wrestling at Durres, Albania. Erik de Vroede will be in Busan at the end of September, Korea, for the world congress organised by UNESCO, IOC and TAFISA; and finally Fernando Maestro will be in Mexico in November for a national festival organised by the Mexican native traditional sports and games federation.

The European union has just endowed its Program for Culture with a budget of 400 millions € for the period 2007-2013. 230 different projets will be supported per year.

France, Fontaine Guérin: September 20-21; International festival of throwing games, with the involvement of numerous international delegations.
Italy, TOCATI festival: Saturday September 27, international conference on the theme of the transmission of the traditional games: “Le competenze e i sistemi di trasmissione in gioco” Educazione e trasmissione culturale nei giochi tradizionali. Prospettive, sperimentazioni e strumenti utilizzati.
Lecturers: Luciano Bertinato and Matteo Bertucco, University of Verona,; Fernando Maestro, director of the museum of Campo (Aragon); Fernando de la Torre, "Madera de Ser" centre of formation (Cantabria); Renzo La Porta, of London; Grant Jarvie, university of Stirling.
Spain, Leida: Friday October 24, international seminary at the university of physical education with the participation of Guy Jaouen, Erik de Vroede, Dino Berti, Jean Fulcrand, Jacques

Regourd, Fernando Diestro, Fernando Maestro and Fabrizio Vierin on the theme of the organisation and the strategy of development for traditional games in their region and in general in Europe.
Tunisia: An invitation is done by the DOUZ festival (south Tunisia, limit of the desert, region of Tozeur) to welcome from 25 to December 28, some delegations of traditional games. Limit for registration, end of September. jugaje@wanadoo.fr

Portugal: Norberto Goncalvez, from the AJT Garda, opened a blog on traditional games. http://jiga-joga.blogspot.com
Festival Alpiade 2009: the project of a world festival of tradional games in Austria is now available on the Web. www.alpiade.com
Barcelona, 23-25 of October, 2nd international sport for all congress, co-organised by ISCA & the European Confederation of Sport and Health (CESS). www.sportforall-congress.eu

New teaching material:
The FIGeST (Italy) achieved a new presentation DVD of its activity and organised games. info@figest.it
Two theses have been achieved on the traditional games, one at the Rome faculty of psychology by Lucia Altieri (Italy) info@figest.it; the other by Aurélie Epron (France) at the sports faculty of Rennes (on wrestling), epron@voila.fr.
The ADAL association (Spain) achieved a DVD showing some of its educational activities. info@apefadal.es
The Castille y Leon federation achieved a CD showing its activities. correo@deportesautoctonoscyl.com
The CPCPTC (Catalonia) achieved a movie presenting the Catalonian traditional games xarnijas@gencat.net, and the skittles federation of Catalonia a DVD showing the activity of the « bittles catalanes ». fcbitlles@tbowling.cat

The Mexican federation of traditional S&G has achieved a set of 4 DVD. azurita2000@hotmail.com

The JUGAJE web site www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.