JUGAJE INFO N° 18 – May-June 2008

2008 Assembly General Meeting  of ETSGA: Perugia, Italy, June the13th at 15h30. Contact: info@figest.it
Presentation of the organisations having joined ETSGA since the beginning of 2007 (44 today, 17 to the creation):  
CEMEA. The Centres for Practice to the Methods of Active Education regroup about 3500 teachers. They are a movement of people engaged in practices around the values and the principles of the New Education and the methods of Active Education, to transform the surroundings and the institutions by the development of the actions of the human being. To share and to live these ideas, the Ceméas have choosen a privileged tool, the formation, and offer a diversity of courses anchored in the realities of the education, animation, health and the social action. President in 2008: Pierre Parlebas 
FNSMR, created in 1983 it has more than 100 000 members often bound with the « foyers ruraux ». It is a multisports federation that has for goal to encourage the practice of sporting activities in the rural environment while proposing activities adapted to its specificities. It participates to the animation, but also to the development of the rural space, motivated at the same time by social preoccupations and by the dynamisation of the economic. President: Dominique Bertrand 
The Bourles Federation of the North. This confederation of the north of France regroups 3 federations representing about forty societies of three modalities of the Bourles game: Federation of Wattrelos (4 to 8 kg), federation of Tourcoing 2kg), societies of Flemish bowls (1,7kg). President: Jean Pierre Moerman. 
The association del Pasabolo Vaqueiro. This small federation of a half thousand players is situated in Asturia (Spain) and gather about thirty clubs of the skittle game Pasabolo Vaqueiro. The president is Francisco Alvarez Cadenas. 
Associaçao de Jogos tradicionais da Guarda: created in 1979, it functions like a small confederation with 60 clubs which are associated, in charge of the promotion of 15 to 20 traditional games of the Guarda region (250 000 inhabitants). The association participates for a long time in international events and have published many works on traditional games. President in 2008: Elsa Gonçalves. 
Associazione Giocchi antichi, (festival Tocati of Verona): create in 2003, the festival of Verona consists in doing demonstrations of traditional games of the area, plus a guest region or country. The goal is to recover the urban space for a project of socialisation by the games. It is an educational project, a way to show that one can also play in urban environment and that the urban world has more need traditional game than the rural. President in 2008: Giorgio Paolo Avigo 
New candidates for membership: 
Asociación of Profesorado of Educación Física ADAL: regroups more than 1000 professors of physical education from the region of Madrid. The goal is to study and to analyse the different alternatives playful activities, to do practical research, to spread the field of Leisure and Pastimes with the playful activity, to collect and to classify the popular and traditional games, to organise meetings of alternative sports.

The Languedoc-Roussillon league of the Ball Game of Tambourine. This practice comes from the Game of the Long Palm and has took the name of the instrument used to hit the ball. The Tambourine is a team's sport that is practised in open air in summer or in sport hall in winter. An international federation has been created in 1988. The League organises a festival of traditional sports in Sète (France) on June 21st, with the joutes, skittles of eight, etc. tambourin.ligue-lr@wanadoo.fr

Tunisia: a - the success of the Ariana meeting (April) will help to strengthen the Tunisian network and will stimulate the creation of a network in the Magreb and the African continent. Photos : http://www.latanguilla.com/galeria.asp?id_seccion=32
b - an invitation is done by the festival of DOUZ (south Tunisia, limit of the desert) to welcome from 25th to 28th of December, 2008, delegations of traditional games. Contact: jugaje@wanadoo.fr
Africa, Senegal: The CEDEAO, agency in charge of the Centre Africa program for the traditional games development, co-organises from 25 to June 29th the Dakar tournament of traditional wrestling. tarosimon@yahoo.fr
Belgium: Evergem, August 14-17th. 6th European Games organised by the Belgian association of Krulbol in collaboration with VlaS, to see the program of the festival: http://belgische.krulbolbond.vzw.in.evergem.be
Denmark: from 8 to 12th of August, 1st world championship of Glima, the Icelandic wrestling.   
Italy, festival TOCATI: September 26-28th; the festival searches for some ETSGA delegations with stands of regional manufactured products. info@tocati.it
International Conference of Toy Library from 13th to 17th October, 2008, Paris, with for theme « games and toys in Toy Libraries ». Organized by ALF (association des ludothèques françaises) and the ITLA (Intern. Toy Library Association):

Festival Alpiade 2009: the project of traditional games world festival in Austria is now available on the Web. www.alpiade.com contact: a-schmitt@motorpresse.ch
Mexican traditional games. More on the Web site: http://www.codeme.org.mx/

New books: 
Encyclopedia of Liponski: a new version has been published in 40 000 copies by the biggest Polish daily "Gazeta Wyborcza", in 16 volumes, each one of 260 pages, 6000 photos.    
C’hoarielloù Paotr Saout, 2008, FALSAB and TESS. Book on the rural games in Breton language (technical cards and DVD), Henri Conan and Fanch Le Péru. Shortly in Gallo and French. 20 euros: falsab.noyal@wanadoo.fr

The JUGAJE web site www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.