JUGAJE INFO N° 17 – March 2008

The ETSGA 2008 Assembly General Meeting and FIGeST World Congress will be held in Perugia, Italy, from the 13th to the 15th of June, to the invitation of the FIGeST. Guests from Mexico, Asia and the African continent will be presents. Free accommodation for 4 people per ETSGA’s member will be exceptionally given during the whole event. Contact : info@figest.it

Friday the 13th; 9.00 – 13.00: World conference on the theme « Games and spirituality », hall of « dei Notari ». Press conference with the world delegates. 16.30: General Meeting of ETSGA (same hall). Saturday the 14th ; 9.00 : guided visit to the old city of Perugia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perugia. Afternoon : opening of the European traditional games festival. Sunday the 15th ; 9.00 : visit to the old cities of Assises and Orvieto.

2008, European year for the intercultural dialogue: The European commission has not retain any 'Flagship Projects' on the sport theme to celebrate this event, perhaps a sign that sport competitions does not bring important things to the dialogue between cultures. One can just regret that the traditional games network has not use this programme to express its cultural significance. http://www.dialogue2008.eu/

The European Union, through programs reconducted every six months, provides grants for cultural youth exchange projects. Applications on cultural exchanges built with the play heritage as a grassroots are receivable.

UNESCO: Text of the international traditional sports and games charter.

Valencia-Spain: In 2007, about 10.000 people have participated in the FJET-CV Escola Autonomica activities on the following themes: Tradition and health (by the over 65 years old people): 3.075 participants
General promotion (for families): 2.930
Scholar initiation at school (8-16 years): 1.691
Time off initiation (holidays): 1.480
A scholar Olympiad (gathering on behalf of the foundation Jaume II El Just) has also been organised for the 8-16 years old. escolajocs@comunitatvalenciana.com

England: CIBS – The Coventry University Centre for the International Business of Sport prepare a research doctorate on anti-corruption in the professional sport. The studies will be under the direction of prof. S. Chadwick and J. Beech. Beginning on September 2008. More on www.playthegame.org

International Festivals:

Canaries: 28-29-30 of March; European championship of Celtic Wrestling, Arona – Island of Tenerife.

Tunisia: 19-20 of April; Ariana international Congress. 19/04: international seminar on the theme « Indigenous games; first step for a pacific gathering of the Mediterranean cultures » with the participation of Tunisia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Egypt, Syria. 20/04: practical network for the learning of professional « animators » in this field. Contact: media.culture@email.ati.tn

Flanders-Belgium: August 14,15,16,17; Europese Spelen, Evergem International Festival. Huyghe.P@belgacom.net
Cantabria – Spain: August 24-29; Semana Bolistica, at Torrelavega. federacion@maderadeser.com
Anjou–France: September 20-21; International throwing games festival, Fontaine Guérin. ghislaine.payne@wanadoo.fr
Verona – Italia: September 26, 27, 28; International street games Festival, TOCATI. info@tocati.it

International Conferences:

China, Kunming, in the frame of the Olympics: July 15-23, 16th Congress of the International Union of ethnologic and anthropologic sciences, with a sport anthropologic forum. www.icaes2008.org
China, Univ. of  Macau, July 23-26: 16th conference of the International Society for comparative Physical Education & Sport.
Contact : Lee, Jong-Young. jolee@suwon.ac.kr

France : Ending symposium for the 2008 European year of intercultural dialogue, Paris, Centre Pompidou, November 17, 18 et 19. http://www.interculturaldialogue2008.eu/
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Africa : The CEDEAO, inter governmental agency in charge of the youth and sport programmes in the West Centre Africa countries, organise regular events in connection with traditional wrestling. tarosimon@yahoo.fr

Slovakia, August 5-10: The international Inter-Crosse federation organise the Intercrosse World Games in Prievidza. http://www.isca-web.org/english/events/

New books :

Unidades de especialización para técnicos de Lucha Canaria. Técnico medio de Lucha Canaria - Fernando Amador Ramírez, 2007, 417 p. Editorial Anroart Ediciones. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2007). www.anroart.com

Juegos Populares y Tradicionales en El Camino de Santiago - Belorado y la Riojilla Burgalesa - Silvia Sedano Campo, 2008, Edition La Tanguilla, Burgos. info@latanguilla.com

The JUGAJE web site www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.