JUGAJE INFO N° 16 – November 2007

The ETSGA winter meeting of October 7th has been host by the FIGEST and the municipality of Lama Mocogno, locality of the region of Modena in Italy. This meeting has seen the arrival of two new members: the Associaçao de Jogos tradicionais da Guarda (Portugal) and the Associazione Giocchi antichi, also promoter of the Verona Tocati festival (Italy). The www.jugaje.com web site proposes a photographic report of this meeting.

ETSGA general meeting of 2008 will take place in the region of Perugia in Italy, from 13 to 15 of June. It will see several other events in relation with traditional games: a symposium "games and spirituality", a world meeting of UNESCO, a festival of games, and cultural visits. People interested to make a lecture in the symposium can get in touch with Jean Fulcrand: jfulcrand@numericable.fr

White book on sport of the U.E.: About 100 delegates were present in Brussels October 8 and 9th, of which only a quarter on behalf of European sport organisations. The other represented organisms for national sport tutelage, international or economic bodies, the FIFA, and organisations of professional players, acting as lobbies.  
The orientation of the white book puts especially forward the economic aspect of sport (professional sport, manufacturers of equipments and frame of the leisure activities, the whole generating 15 millions of jobs in Europe according to a report of 2004). The report forgets the volunteers and their social and educational utility, yet the chiefs of states and Governments gathered in Lisbon had declared that “The E.U. contributes to the promotion of the European stakes of sport, while taking into account its specificities, of its structures based on the volunteering as well as its social and educational function”. The sporting activity is treated there globally, without trying to delimit the area of the different practices (spectacle sport, sport of mass, leisure sport, sport for all, traditional sports), what creates an enormous confusion benefiting to the sport dominant system. 
The program "Youth in action" is one of the rare actions where we can encourage the volunteering in sport through the intermediary of the youth exchanges.

UNESCO: Thanks to the implication of UNESCO, the theme of traditional games and sports is more and more taken in account at the time of the development of the orientation documents for the physical education in the schools.

A conference on traditional games took place in Ufa October 11th on behalf of UNESCO, during the festival of traditional wrestling styles. http://wftws.org/wftws2/conference.php

Basque Country, Scotland: In 2006 and 2007, studies have been achieved to the demand of the Basque and Scottish parliaments on the impact of the traditional games in the domains of tourism, cultural animation and sport. In 1996 a similar survey had been ordered by the regional parliament of Brittany and had succeeded to a new orientation, with as a result a grant of functioning for the FALSAB. The challenge for the traditional games leaders of these regions will be now to be associated to the works and so to influence the decisions. 

Cantabria: The semana bolistica, the major skittle event organised by the Federación Cantabra de Bolos, took place in Santander August 19-25th.

Galicia: The Convention Día do peón 2007 (4000 participants in 2006) took place on November 9th. More on: 

Verona: The festival of games in the street took place from September 21 to 23rd. About 200 000 visitors have visited the festival. The president of ETSGA made a conference on the policy of the European Association. www.tocati.it
Lama Mocogno: The 2007 Italian championship of throwing the cheese (Ruzzolone) hosted, in addition to the ETSGA meeting, a small festival of traditional games, with the participation of delegations from Portugal, Aragon and Valencia (Spain), Aveyron and Gers (France), Valley of Aosta and Sardinia (Italy) and Tunisia. info@figest.it

Traditional wrestling
Canary Islands: The next European championship of traditional wrestling will take place in Tenerife, March 27 to 31st  2008
. www.federaciondeluchacanaria.com
Bachiristan (One of the autonomous republics of Russia): a world festival of traditional wrestling has been organised in Ufa, October 10 to 12th, with 46 delegations. 
Africa: The CEDEAO, agency in charge of the youth and sport programs  for the Centre Africa countries, elaborated a program named "Development for traditional Games and Sports". This program especially materialised under the angle of the traditional wrestling development.   

Maghreb: The signature of an agreement of partnership between the Algerian Federation of traditional sports and games and the Tunisian association of sport and games heritage took place last Spring. A seminar on the Maghreb traditional playful practices will be organised at the end of 2007 in Algiers by ATSJSP and FAJST.  
Tunisia: Creation of the Tunisian games association web site: http://pf-ka.uvt.rnu.tn./
From November 14 to 17th a meeting will take place in Tunis with the participation of an Algerian delegation of traditional sports as well as of a wrestling team of S’Istrumpa (Sardinia).  

Asia: Since July 2007 ETSGA works with the Asian network of traditional games (ATSGA) whose president is Lee Jong-Young. http://www.atsga.com/

New books:
La Boule de Fort, par Noms et par Mots - Gérard Linden - 2007, 302p. 40€  fedebouledefort@free.fr

La Mourra Bella - Histoire et histoires d’un jeu interdit Pascal Colletta - 2006, 130p - 15€  www.serre-editeur.com
Olimpijadau Hrvata (Croatian games) - Marin Janković - C.I.P. - 2007, 182 p.
RUZLUN - Ruzzolone, Storia, Tradizione, Cultura, Gioco, Sport; Walter Bellisi - 2007 - 144p. info@figest.it

Catalogo de los deportes y juegos motores tradicionales Canarios de adultos – J. Hernández, V. Navarro, U. Castro, F. Jiménez – Gobierno de Canarias – 2007 - 334p.

The web site JUGAJE - www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.