JUGAJE INFO N° 15 – July 2007

ETSGA GENERAL ASSEMBLY in Angers, from 5th to July 8th. Program of the conference on Friday (9h15 to 12h00), Amphitheatre of « La Baronnerie », city of Saint Sylvain d’Anjou (suburb of Angers): Mr. Jean Luc Marais, Ethnologist, University of Angers; Mr. Joël Guibert, sociologist, University of Nantes; Mr. Pere Lavega, Lecturer, University of Lleida (Catalonia); Mr. Lee, Jong-Young, Professor of the Suwon University (Korea); Mr. Marcel Rétailleau, President of the Regional Olympic committee; Mr. Guy Jaouen, President of ETSGA; Mr. Christian Rosello, Vice President of the county council; Mr. Bernard Glacial, Secretary of the Fédération de Boule de Fort; Mrs. Roselyne Bachelot, Minister for Health, Youth and Sports. Information: fedebouledefort@free.fr

Belgium: Sportimonium, directed by Erik de Vroede, has just won the 1st prize of the museums. The jury declared "that it admired the way in which Sportimonium fulfilled the different tasks devolved to museums; to be a centre of documentation for scientific research, important collections and experimental activities. The museum also possesses a garden dedicated to traditional sports, emphasising Flemish sports. The increasing attention paid to this material heritage, among others by UNESCO, illustrates all the interest of this museum. This heritage has its origins in the life of the local communities; it is a mirror into which the visitors of the museum peer with interest since it speaks to them of their roots. Numerous games presented have a universal character..."

Traditional games and modern techniques: The skittles of 9 section of the FFBSQ achieved an excellent virtual demonstration of its game. More on the link: http://www.quilles.net/english/demoflash9skittle.html

International exchanges:

EUROBOL: An international festival of skittles has been organised in Riaza (Burgos, North of Madrid) on June 1, 2 and 3rd. Many games were in demonstration and this festival was one of the actions programmed in the transnational project 'Juegos Tradicionales y Patrimonio Cultural Europeo' with the involvement of some ETSGA members: FDFR 32, Asociación G.A.L. Comarca Asón-Aguera. More on: www.losbolos.eu

Tunisia: Two operations have been achieved in the setting up of the partnership convention, for actions to recuperate the traditional sports and games of Tunisia. Partners: Media library of Ariana, ETSGA, Institute of promotion for disabled, Unit of research of Ksar Said, Superior Institute for Childhood Officers of Carthage Dermech.
ETSGA was represented at 1st by Carlos de La Villa (24, 27 & April 28) with interventions in the city of Ariana, in the rural zone of Mahdia and to one regional festival on the theme of traditional games and cultural tourism.
The 2nd took place May 22 and 23, with the involvement of secretary Jean Fulcrand in 2 events.

Algeria: Ezzeddine Bouzid, ETSGA delegate in the Magreb (Western north Africa), participated in a meeting with the National Union for Traditional Games and Sport of Algeria at the time of a festival of traditional games in the region of Oran, from 20 to June 25. On the 23, he was invited to Algiers for a meeting with the ministry assistant director for youth and sports in order to discuss projects of co-operation in collaboration with Tunisia on this theme.

Catalonia: April 20 and 21, Joan Ricart, president of the Federació Catalana of Bittles i Bowling represented ETSGA for the Sport and Health international conference of Barcelona, followed by 20 organisations of 15 European countries. Numerous personalities were present at this conference, the President of the IOC, the general Secretary of sport in Catalonia and several other international presidents. Joan Ricart presented ETSGA and promoted traditional games as an alternative physical activity for good physical and mental health.

The Federación Mexicana de Juegos y Deportes Tradicionales has just opened their Web site. Its chairwoman Alida Zurita was in Valencia for the world Congress of ball games and there met representatives of ETSGA.


Belgium, Evergem: For the 5th year, the Belgian association of Krulbol will organise with the VlaS confederation the European Games of traditional sports from 11 to August 13. On August 12 the following meetings will take place:

Krulbol: Netherlands / Flanders / Denmark / USA / Canada. Archery to the vertical perch: Wallonie / Netherlands / Region Brussels / Flanders. Archery to the horizontal perch: Netherlands / France / Flanders. Gaaibol: Netherlands / Flanders. For more information: http://belgische.krulbolbond.vzw.in.evergem.be

Italy, Verona: The guest of honour of the 2007 festival, from 21 to September 23, will be Croatia, following a contact made in 2006 by ETSGA with the festival of traditional games of Bizovac (close to Osijek). In 2008, it will be Scotland’s turn.

New books:

Popular and Traditional Portuguese Games. 2006, António Oliveira. Associação Recreativa, Cultural e Social of Silveirinhos (Portugal), also in French and in Portuguese. Order: moliveira@arcss.pt www.arcss.pt