JUGAJE INFO N° 12 – October 2006

ETSGA General Meeting - Rodez (France): About sixty people participated in the A.G.M. of August 12, of which the members of FFBSQ council, many leaders of the Skittle of Eight, and elected people representing the “inter parishes association” for the promotion of the skittle of eight. The delegates have been received by many elected representatives during the 3 days event. 

The membership of the association “La Tanguilla” (Spain) has been accepted in Rodez in August. Those of the FNSMR and the “Fédération de Bourle du Nord” (France) have been accepted at the time of a council meeting in September at Santander.

Congress of Santander: The gathering of Santander (14 to 17.09) saw the participation of 436 delegates coming from 10 different countries, representing 62 organisations. 70 different games were present to the festival, of which 43 variations of skittle games. 192 people participated at the symposium (with representatives from 10 universities). The book of the Congress (photo, 288p) can be send free by the secretariat against 5 € for shipping. Contact: jugaje@wanadoo.fr

To discover the numerous cards of traditional games from the 11 participating regions (project culture 2000), go on the JUGAJE web site. Their numerous links permit also to reach to a very wide information. More information on :
www.jugaje.com / Games of the regions. 

Transmission of the games at school
Valencia: Programs of initiation for scholars have been initiated by the “Escola autonòmica de jocs tradicionals”. In 2005-2006, 13000 children have been concerned.  
Galicia: After the gathering of May 2006, Brinquedia prepares a new gathering with 2500 scholars in November. More information: www.xogospopulares.com
Brittany: Since 1995, every year, between 5 and 6 000 children are initiated to the traditional games in the schools and about 9 to 10 000 during summer festivals (by several organisations). The Falsab organises sessions of formation for the “animators”. 
Italy: The FENT and the FIGEST prepare a national level cursus of formation for the “animators” having to go in the schools. Interventions in the schools and school gatherings are organised regularly.

Cantabria: The educational project “Madera de Ser” welcome every year about 5 000 scholars. This cultural and sporting formation is now accompanied by creation of “schools of skittles”. This policy has permitted to create a new generation of young players who appear now in the clubs of the Federación Cantabra de Bolos.  
Midi-Pyrénées: The skittle of 8 section (FFBSQ) goes also today in the schools to transmit its game. 

North England: The Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling Ass. celebrated at the end of October the 100th birthday of its creation. The “espoirs” (16 to 21 years) European championship of the FILC was organised at this occasion. More information: 

Traditional wrestling: A festival has been organised from 2 to 7 of November in Almaty (Alma Ata), Kazakhstan, under the “patronage” of UNESCO which organised a round table on the theme “Development of the traditional games and Peace between the peoples” (inter cultural dialogue). More information:  http://www.unesco.kz/  

Another festival was organised on November 5 in Antalya, Turkey, by FILA and the Turkish federation.

New books :
- Cómo se juega a… Angel Gómez í Navarro, 96p,
- Bolo Salinero, Jokoaren Zraudia, Arabako Bolo
Federazioa, V. Martin Alonso 60p, Isasi@cordevi.com
- Mi paso por los bolos, M. Cabello,
- O Jogo do Beto no Concelho da Lousá – P. Coêlho de
Araújo, M. D. Maia Rodrigues 96p, paucoelho@netcabo.pt
- Capoeira, Novos Estudios  – Paulo Coêlho deAraújo, 100p edidoranotaseletras@yahoo.com.br
- Le jeu du Tsan (from the 19th to our days), Riccardo
Savoye, 150p, fabriziovierin@libero.it

UNESCO information on traditional games :

Indians games from South America :

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