JUGAJE INFO N° 11 – July 2006

European Parliament: Following the written questions sent by European parliamentarians to our demand, the sporting and cultural European commissioner, Ján Figel, answered that “The commission shares completely the opinions expressed (in the written questions)”. “In 2007 the commission instends to achieve a White Book on the sport analyzing the social and cultural functions of the populations concerned by sport in Europe, while including the role of the traditional sports”. 
ETSGA has then been invited on June 29th and 30th, 2006 to participate in an international conference to prepare the “White Book” to which refers Ján Figel.   

UNESCO, June 2006,: Pierre Parlebas, professor in the Sorbonne has been mandated to direct the realisation of a world collection on the theme of education and traditional games.

Seminary of Lleida (Catalonia): June 16 and 17, the Catalan federation of skittles and the INEF of Lleida have organised a seminary to finalise the project Culture 2000 and prepare the Convention of Santander. The co-organisers were presents and have assist to practices of “Castelles”, the human towers. 

General assembly of ETSGA; Rodez (France): 10/08: French cup of skittle of eight in Espalion; 11/08: receiptions of the delegations by the authorities;   12/08: general assembly; 13/08: individual championships of France of skitlle of eight. Contact:

Evergem (Flanders – Belgium): European Festival of traditional games from the 12th  to 15th of August. Contact: Patrick Huyghe: huyghe.p@belgacom.be 

Santander (Spain): the European Congress of September will propose to attend the symposium of the project Culture 2000 (from 9h00 to 14h00 the 15, 16 and 17). A festival of traditional games will also be organised from 16h00 to 19h30 Friday 15 and Saturday 16. Otherwise the FILC will organise its general meeting to this occasion and

the festival will receive the visit of a delegation of the Unesco. congresosantander@maderadeser.com

2008, European year for Intercultural dialogue - The Commission proposes 3 subsidised types of actions of which one can concern us: emblematic actions of European level (for example important festival or sporting events) aiming to the sensitisation, in particular of the young, to the presented objectives.  

Aoste (Italy): 2006 will have seen again the FENT working with the teachers to achieve a program on the traditional games in the schools. More than 1000 pupils were concerned in spring 2006. 

Midi Pyrénées (France): The section skitlle of eight of the FFBSQ have signed a convention with the USEP (Sporting Union of the Primary education) and the academic inspection for the training in the schools. 

Saragosse - Aragon (Spain): Fernando Maestro have received the medal Santa Isabel of Portugal for his work in favor of the traditional games in the museum of Campo. 

Galice (Spain): The candidacy of Brinquedia, the Galician confederation of traditional games, has been accepted in March by ETSGA. His president is Lois Vázquez Pardo, secretary Paco Veiga. Brinquedia organised a big gathering with 900 pupils in May and published its first newsletter. To receive it: brinquedia@gmail.com. A special issue of the Galician magazine for education will be soon published on traditional games. 

North England: Carlisle will receive from 25th to 28th of October the -21 European championship of Celtic Wrestling. Contact: roger.robson@btinternet.com

Turkey: The tournament of Kirkpinar in Edirne saw nearly 2000 wrestlers from the different clubs of Turkey to participate in this big festival of oil wrestling (see photos on the web JUGAJE). 

The web site JUGAJE - www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.