JUGAJE INFO N° 10 – March 2006

ETSGA winter meeting: All the council members participated in the meeting of Corinaldo as well as Willie Baxter and Franco Vagneur, surrogates. Gino Belleza (FIGeST), Fernando de la Torre (F.C. Bolos), Piero Frau, Rosa Frau (Federazione S’Istrumpa - Sardinia), Jocelyne Regourd (FFBSQ – Quilles de 8) and Ezzeddine Bouzid (delegate of the childhood ministry of Tunisia) were also presents. The conference of March the 12th saw the participation of numerous personalités: see the JUGAJE web site / mains events /.  

Action by the European parliament: A new action by the European parliament is in progress. This action has for goal the creation of a specific program of promotion of the regional and traditional sports and games by the European commission, to valorise educational experimentations, the cultural heritage, the research, etc.

UNESCO: A group of world experts was invited by Unesco to participate in a meeting on March the 13th, with the aim to create a world committee for the promotion of traditional games. This group became a "scientific committee" and will continue to prepare the world committee. Guy Jaouen and Erik de Vroede (AEJST), Rolland Renson (VVC, Museum of Leuven) and Pierre Parlebas (CEMEA) are in this committee. Next meeting in Kazan (Kazakstan) in November. 

General Meeting of ETSGA in Rodez (Fr): On Saturday August the 12th. The 10th in the evening, there will be the French Cup of the Skittles of 8 in Espalion, and the 13th the individual championships of France. comite.quillesde8@wanadoo.fr

European Congress in Santander: The project Culture 2000 will be concluded by a big gathering in Santander, from the 14th to 17th of September, 2006. The mornings of the 15th, 16th  and 17th will be for the works of the symposium, the afternoons by a festival of traditional games. federacion@maderadeser.com  

2008, European year of the Intercultural dialogue - 2008 will be the year of the European Intercultural Dialogue. 10 millions of euros will be dedicated to this program for only one year! It is already necessary to think about projects of European meetings, with the traditional games to the crossroads of the festive cultures (gastronomy, music, regional languages, education). Applications to achieve in 2007. Infos: 

North Basque country: Jean Pierre Biscay signals that the Euskal Kirol Federakundea changed its president. It is Ramuntxo TEILLAGORRY that takes the continuation of Jean Pierre (who stay as vice-president). Contact: ramuntxo6@numericable.fr

Belgium - Flanders: For the 4th times, the Belgian association of Krulbol organise with VlaS an European Festival of traditional games in Evergem (Flanders), from the 12th  to 15th of August. Krulbol: Netherlands - Flanders; Archery vertical pool and horizontal pool: Netherlands - France - Flanders; Gaaibol: Netherlands - Flanders; Cross-bow shooting: Netherlands - Flanders; Tug of war: Netherlands - Flanders. Contact: Patrick Huyghe: huyghe.p@belgacom.be 

Festivals of traditional games
Gers - France: April 29th & 30th,, Condom. Organised by the FNSMR & the FDFR 32. Reserved to the adherents. Ch. Villadieu: fdfr32.sports.pourtous@wanadoo.fr  
Anjou – France : Boulympiades: May 13th and 14th. 
Vérona - Italy: festival of games in the streets. Contact:

Belgium - Ardennes: Gathering around the skittle games on May 27th and 28th, 2007 (Pentecost), 25 km to the north of Sedan. The promoters wish to welcome 10-12 delegations of skittles from different regions. Contact: Vincent Gérard. vingerard@yahoo.fr 

The site www.jugaje.com will soon propose a portal with web sites of all Europe. To nourish this data base, we ask to you to send the secretariat all the web addresses dedicated to the traditional games. 

Web sites of Skittles
IInternational : FIQ (Fédération International des Quilleurs) www.fiq.org
Cantabrie :  www.maderadeser.com
France : FFBSQ www.federationbowling.org
FFBSQ quilles de 8 www.quillesdehuit.org
FFBSQ quilles de 9 www.quilles.net

FFBSQ quilles de 9 www.quilles.net

Books on traditional games: the JUGAJE web site proposes to discover many books and videos on traditional games, in several languages :
www.jugaje.com / documentation / books /  

New books:  
Canary Islands: III° Encuentro internacional of Juegos Tradicionales - La Habana, 15-17 de Julio 2005. Contact: pepemoreno788@hotmail.com 
Brittany: Les luttes celtiques de Bretagne et du Cornwall224 p, 19 € – G. Jaouen – Confédération Falsab editions: falsab.noyal@wanadoo.fr

The web site JUGAJE - www.jugaje.com is a source of permanent information for the traditional games. Thank you to make it’s promotion.