JUGAJE INFO N° 1 – June 2004

General Meeting 2004 : The ETSGA general meeting will take place in the Palace of the Valley of Aosta Regional Council. The delegates will be welcomed by Lucien CAVERI, assessor for sport and tourism,former european deputy, of the autonomous region (North of Italy). Sunday a visit will be organised to discover the new regional center for the Valley of Aosta traditional games. Initiations to the games of Italy will be organised. Contact: Roberto Cunéaz: charob@libero.it

The 2004 Europeans Games of Evergem : For the 2nd time, the Belgian association of Krulbol organises the European festival of traditional games, August 15, in Evergem, near Ghent. International meetings of Krulbol, Gaailbol, archery (vertical and horizontal pool) will take place with delegations from France and Netherland. The 14 will be held the Belgium and Flanders championships of Krulbol. Contact: Patrick Huyghe: Huyghe.p@belgacom.net

1st Congress of traditional games in Galicia : Last May, the 28, 29 and 30 was organised the 1st Congress of traditional games in Galicia, in Ourense. Contact: Francisco Veiga Garcia: pacoveiga@edu.xunta.es

Games of Europe", C’hoarioù an dud" (games of people): The region of Lesneven, in Brittany, welcomed again, the 21, 22 and 23 May, an European meeting around the games of cultural tradition. The promoters of the local festivals were associated to the feast. The object of this event was to enhance all small games committees and to show that some simple games can bring a very convivial and festive side, while being financially affordable for all. ETSGA was present through the FALSAB (Brittany), ANAM (Ireland) and the Federación CANTABRA de BOLOS. A strong delegation from Galicia was also there, as well as observors from the British Cornwall and the Belgian Ardennes. This festival allowed several small international projects to germinate. Contact: Guy Jaouen

Canarian wrestling and traditional games Congress : Last May, the 13, 14, 15 and 16 was organised an international symposium on the island of Ténériffe, Canary Islands, to make a point on the works on wrestling and the games. This event was organised by canarian academics and the Federación de Lucha Canaria, with that many members from ETSGA have regular contacts. One of the subjects was the present situation of ETSGA. Contact: José Hernàndez Moreno pepemoreno788@hotmail.com

Championship of traditional wrestling in Austria : The 10, 11 and 12 April, the region of Salzburg welcomed the 5th male international championships of Celtic wrestling under 21 years. The female championship was paired to this event. The Leon's (Spain), Fryslan (Netherland), Scotland, Cumbria (England), Brittany (France) and Austria federations were presents. The next such championship (under 21 years and female) will be organised in Holland in 2006. The next seniors championship will be hold in Scotland in 2005. Contact: Willie Baxter

International network : The Danish IFO, institute of research (Henning Eichberg), received a strong support on behalf of the ETSGA members. IFO was threatened to not receive subsidies from the ministry. After a request of IFO, many formal letters has been sent directly to the ministry, that came back from his position. IFO therefore can continue its work on the analysis of sport and sporting activities social impacts on the society. Contact: Henning Eichberg: henningeichberg@ifo-forsk.dk

World encyclopedia of games and sports : The Atena team (Poland), associated to the UNESCO, prepare the French version of this encyclopaedia that has already been achieved in Polish and English www.sportencyclopedia.com . This version, assumed professionally by Guy Jaouen, should increased many games still played in the French-speaking areas. Contact: Guy Jaouen bretagne.consulting@wanadoo.fr

JUGAJE Web Site : Following an mail sent to the ETSGA members, several federations gave a text to complete the part "activities" of the JUGAJE web site. The secretariat waits currently for the last texts to finish.
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