European Traditional Sports and Games Association

Dismay at the loss of friends from the Traditional Games

by Biel Pubill Soler in Information

Dear AEJeST family

There are days when the sun doesn’t dare to rise and the birds don’t sing.

A few weeks ago we lamented the death of Bernard Glacial, a friend of the Traditional Sports and Games in general and of the Boule de Fort in particular. The pain of that moment was transferred to his family along with a bouquet of flowers.

Today, I am trying to act as an interpreter of TSG to inform you that Mr. Jean Fulcrand, a friend of the Quilles and an ambassador of the Spirituality of the TSGs, deceased yesterday. Jean was a very active person in AEJeST, member of the Council Board during different periods of our history and President of FFBSQ. He participated in  many conferences, meetings and assemblies, always defending with passion and with a very singular voice the social health, the spirituality and the deep values of the TSGs.

On behalf of all the AEJeST family we express with pain this loss, and at the same time that we feel privileged for been able to share with him specially moments and deep reflections around the values of the TSG and of the life.

Rest in peace.

Pere Lavega

President of l’AEJeST




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