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Creation of the Continental organization ATSGA – October 1st, 2022

by Biel Pubill Soler in Meetings

History: The Constitutive General Assembly of the ATSGA was organized on October 1, 2022. It was the last step of a long process that began on 29-07-2020 with the Vice President Gholamreza Jafari (Iran) and a group of officials from ITSGA, the global platform gathering the continental organizations AEJeST, AAJST, APJDAT and now ATSGA. Guy Jaouen, Pere Lavega were also part of this group along with some other Asian officials.

Several meetings were organized until the creation of an Ad-Hoc committee on 31.07.2021. The purpose of this committee was to prepare the creation of the ATSGA. The members of this ad-hoc committee came from India, Pakistan, Iran, Taiwan, China, Bangladesh and Thailand. Bhupendra Kumar Bharat (India) was elected chairman of this committee. Following several online meetings, the orientation of the future organization and the statutes were adopted during the meeting of 29.01.2022. A general assembly with a physical presence was then scheduled in Iran in 2022, but due to the difficulties of the international Covid crisis, an online constitutive General Assembly was finally planned. In the mean time several other countries joined the committee: SINGAPORE, PHILIPPINES, SRI LANKA, INDONESIA, SOUTH KOREA.

This kind of online constitutive meeting was a first experience for the participants. It was therefore necessary to anticipate all the pitfalls that this could generate.

This constitutive general assembly went off without a hitch, with the participation of 22 TSG officials. From now on, the future of the Asian TSGs is partly in the hands of this new continental organization for which it is the true departure.

Board Members: COUNCIL of ATSGA 2022-2026


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