European Traditional Sports and Games Association


by Biel Pubill Soler in General

On behalf of the Board of Directors, at this time of great sadness and concern, we would like to send you this COMMUNIQUE ON THE WAR ON UKRAINE:

Last week we learned the sad news that Russia, and also Belarus, have launched a large-scale military attack on Ukraine with very serious and very sad consequences for the civilian population. Although AEJeST is an organisation neutral of any political or religious militancy, we think that in recognition of the values that traditional games and sports promote, it is appropriate to state that:

We strongly condemn the use of military aggression as an instrument to settle territorial disputes which is contrary to international law and human rights. Furthermore, we express the need to address and resolve political problems on the basis of democracy and respect for peoples and minorities.

In solidarity with the people of Ukraine and, in particular, with the people and organisations that may exist related to traditional games and sports, we convey to them our sincere support.

In addition, we invite all AEJeST members to join in condemning this war through their social networks and to join efforts in the hope of trying to resolve the territorial conflict in Ukraine by peaceful means.

Pere Lavega

President AEJeST

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