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Cangas de Narcea will host the European meeting of traditional sport

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The Bolo Vaqueiro Association will organize in April 2019 the international congress coinciding with its 20th anniversary
The Bolo Vaqueiro Association, chaired by the Francisco Álvarez Cadenas Cangués, will be responsible for organizing the international meeting of traditional sport in Cangas del Narcea at the beginning of April 2019. The group made the proposal at the last general assembly of the European Association of Traditional Games and Sports, (AEJDT), held in Flanders (Belgium), and was unanimously endorsed.
Francisco Álvarez Cadenas explained that his proposal to host the AEJDT’s council will consist of sports, cultural and scientific activities, as well as a congress. He also stressed that in the region the bowling game is closely linked to the culture and landscape of the area.

The celebration of this international meeting will coincide with the celebration of the 20 years of road to recover the tradition of bowling in the southwestern region. Two decades in which recovery actions were developed that managed to create the association, the competitions and reach the schoolchildren. “An authentic resurgence of this heritage that is today a social, cultural and sporting asset that places value on one’s identity and life in the villages,” Álvarez points out.
The association of Bolo Vaqueiro is already working to give shape to the conferences that will be held at the beginning of April 2019 in Cangas del Narcea. For those days they plan to create new informative materials about the Bolo Vaqueiro and the celebration of sports activities, such as exhibitions or tournaments. They also plan to develop cultural events that will include departures in the area. As a main course, an international congress will be organized to analyze the recovery processes of the game tradition and the role they play as active agents of social and health cohesion.
Article appeared in LA NUEVA ESPAÑA (07/19/2018)

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