European Traditional Sports and Games Association

BALKANS cup 2022 – North Macedonia

by José Ángel Hoyos Perote in Books

The traditional wrestling federation of North Macedonia organized its main event “BALKAN CUP” in the locality of Buzalkovo Veles, in the center of North Macedonia. Two to three thousand people took part in the celebration as well as several dozen wrestlers.

Wrestlers from the Uniunea Democrată Tătară organization from Romania also participated in the competition. The day was embellished with folk dances.

The young categories were also represented.

In the center the best wrestler of the day, Ramazan Bakija.

In recent years, the federation has created several clubs and is working to disseminate Pehlivan wrestling, the traditional Balkan wrestling, similar to that one of Greece and Turkey, in the country.

Meeting with the Turkish ambassador (in costume, with the president of the federation Amet Osman (on the left) and on the right Hamid Bakija, the general secretary of the federation.

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