European Traditional Sports and Games Association

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18th to 25th of march, 2011: The Algerian federation of traditional sports and games (FAJST) organised from 18 to 25 March the 1st Maghreb seminary (international) of formation for professors of traditional sports. This seminary was twinned with a local festival and a preparatory meeting to the creation of a TSG organisation for the Maghreb (sub continental). This meeting was held in the centre of Algeria, in Béchar and Taghit. It was a great success and a good place of exchange for ideas and experiences. Photo 1: with the national medias; Photo 2: View of one of the course hall; Photo 3: the bedouins tent was used for many workshops; Photo 4: a workshop for cognitive games; Photo 5: Taghit; Photo 6: players in the street; Photo 7: conference on Tunisians games; Photo 8: meeting for the creation of a Maghreb organisation (continental); Photo 9 : the political responsibles, and the players of “el Matreg” single stick game of defense; Photo 10: evening party; Photo 11: festival, wrestling; Photo 12: the local crosse game.

24, 25 & 26 of February, 2011: The city of Valencia, Spain, received the ETSGA Council winter meeting to the invitation of the Escola autonòmica de jocs tradicionals, member of ETSGA. Friday 25: Photo 1: Conference on TSG in “Complejo Deportivo Cultural La Pechina” of Valencia (Spain). Photo 2: The lecturers. Photo 3 and Photo 4: Receipt in the Regional Council Hall of Valencia by the vice-president “culture and sport”. Photo 5: Visit to the castle of Benisaño. Photo 6: Honorary ceremony for people having worked during 20 years to the valorisation of TSG in the club of Benisaño. Saturday 26: Photo 7: Council meeting (presentation of the 2011 Convention in Le Gers). Photo 8: Council of the very new Fundazione Española de JDT (Spanish ass. for TSG). Photo 9 and Photo 10: festival of Valencian games. Sunday morning 27: Photo 11 and Photo 12: the “lanzamiento de bola” (similar to Irish Road Bowl or Italian Ruzzola), where players have 5 throws with the objective to do the most possible distance. Photo 13: the 2011 (Hein Comeyne) and 2010 winners, with their steel balls.