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AEJeST participates in the European project TRAWECU

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Using traditional wrestling as a medium of cultural tourism and local development / TRAWECU

The project (2021 – 2022) will be led by Palestikos Omilos Kalon Dentron (Kala Dentra Wrestling Club) with a consortium of selected project partners with complementary experience, knowledge and expertise. All partners have experience in the field of TSG as well as in research for alternative routes combining local development, tourism and the cultural and educational aspect.

The project team is composed of:

  • One European organisation who will mobilise the concerned network and know-how to produce, provide value-add and disseminate the relevant project results:
  • National or Provincial organisations coming from the sports movement, which are respected for their work in the field of TSG and will bring their experience in implementing strategies, programmes in this field.
  • Local organisations, with hands-on experience about the promotion of TSG through their programmes and events

In addition to the Leader and the AEJeST, partners are Palestikos Omilos Diogenis, North GREECE, a wrestling association with 180 members ; Asociația Română a Jocurilorsi Sporturilor Tradiționale – ARJST (Romanian Traditional Sports and Games Organisation) , ROMANIA; Universidad de León – SPAIN ; Rvacki klub “Vitez” Šabac, 80km at the West of Belgrad (a wrestling club) – SERBIA

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