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by Biel Pubill Soler in Meetings, Festivales

From 21 to 24 October took place in Svetvinčenat, Croatia, the meeting of the OPPORTUNITY Erasmus+ project partners, the 5th International Pljočke Festival, the General Assembly of AEJeST, as well as the Extraordinary General Assembly where the new Board of Directors for the period 2021-2025 was elected. The 21st and 22nd were mainly dedicated to the OPPORTUNITY Erasmus+ Project. There were meetings of the participating partners and workshops on traditional games and sports with various schools in the area, as well as demonstrations of the game of Pljočke adapted for people with different disabilities. Both activities were well attended, not only by the participants but also by locals and tourists who were even able to take part in the games.

Another highlight of the programme was the international scientific conference held in the main hall of Svetvinčenat Castle. It focused on the role of traditional games and sports in the development of local communities in the context of sustainable tourism.

 Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly

The Ordinary General Assembly took place on Saturday 23 October and covered, among others, the following items: the President’s report, information on upcoming meetings, approval of the 2020 financial year and the 2021 budget… But we highlight the awards of AEJeST to organizations and individuals for Good Practices in the safeguarding and promotion of traditional games and sports, with the 2020 – since the meeting could not be held due to the pandemic – and 2021 distinctions being presented.

The 2020 awards went to:

– Individual category: Pierino Daudry (FEST).

– Collective Category: Coordinadora Intercomarcal de Bitlles i Birles (Coordinadora Intercomarcal de Bitlles i Birles)

– Member of Honour: Pierre Parlebas (CEMÉA)

The 2021 distinctions went to:

– Individual Category: Guido Van Alsenoy (VlaS)

– Collective Category: Iparraldeko Joko eta Herri Kirol Federakuntza

– Member of Honour: Erik de Vroede (Sportimonium)

During the course of this assembly, the admission of the following new members was also approved:

– Association of parents of the mentally handicapped La PAZ-ADISPAZ

– Cantabrian Sports Federation for the Intellectually Handicapped FCDDI

– Traditional Wrestling Federation of North Macedonia-FPBM/TWFNM

– Clube de actividades de Lazer e Manutençâo-Calma

– Federation of Canarian Shepherd Jumping

– Federation of Canarian Wrestling

– Federation of Canary Islands Lateen Sailing Federation

After the general meeting, the Extraordinary General Assembly was held with a single point, the election of the new Board of Directors for the period 2021-2025. The members of the AEJeST approved the candidature presided by Pere Lavega Burgués and formed by: Nicolae Dobre-Guy Jaouen, José Ángel Hoyos Perote-Rafael Ángel Luchoro Parrilla, Fernando Diestro Gómez-David Abascal Monte, Giorgio Paolo Avigo-Milivoj Pacenti, Paulo Coêlho de Araujo-Christiana Leonidou, Alain Bovo-Fabrizio Vierin, Biel Pubill Soler-Kazimierz Waluch, and Carmen Fernández Amat-Fernando Maestro Guerrero.


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