European Traditional Sports and Games Association

Message of encouragement  

by Biel Pubill Soler in General

Dear family of AEJeST,

At this moment, we are living a painful, serious and very delicate situation for our environment: the coronavirus Covid-19 is associated with problems of health, economic and also family discomfort situations.

Let me address you as ambassadors of the TSG and the values that they provide. Democratic relationship with others, solidarity, empathy, optimism, altruism and resilience… are some of the principles that you practice regularly, in Europe and in the world.

I encourage you now more than ever to try to apply these principles in your closest environment, to help people be as happy and optimistic as possible and better people.

On behalf of the Council Board, I would like to take profit of this message to send you a sincere hug and a lot of positive energy. Remember that you are not alone, we form a great family and I am sure that at this moment we are mentally prepared to overcome this difficult match.

I am convinced that together we will reach the end of the darkness of the tunnel thanks to the light that the values that TGS bring us. We are sure that in the near future we will have the opportunity to continue sharing the treasure, the heritage that keep us acting as a team of teams, a network of networks.

Many encouragements and sincere support on behalf of Council Board.

Best regards

Pere Lavega

Président AEJeST


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