European Traditional Sports and Games Association

56th AEJeST Board of Directors held in Cyprus

by Biel Pubill Soler in Meetings

Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Organization: Folklore Association of Ktima
Date: April 19, 2023

1º.- Project 3. General Secretariat
1.1 New members
• 90-Palo Canario Game Federation (support from 78-Fundación Bolos de Cantabria and 40-Associació Lo Llaüt)
• I12-Khristos Bampalis (support from 59-University of Zaragoza and 34-University of Coimbra)
• I13-María Collado (support from 36-Group 6 Conceyos and 06-INEFC of Lleida)
1.2 Organization of the XXII General Assembly 2023

2º.- Project 4. Treasury
2.1 Approval of the fiscal year 2022.
2.2 Situation of quotas 2023.

3º.- Project 8. Social Media Web page and social networks (news)

4º.- Project 5. Linguistic Resources
4.1 Preparation of AEJeST events calendar
4.2 Celebration of European JDT Day

5º.- Project 6. European Projects
5.1 Completed Erasmus+ projects: Trawecu ( )
5.2 Ongoing Erasmus+ projects: Opportunity and Propact
5.3 New applications for Erasmus+ Projects: IRSIE, Coimbra, AEJeST

6º.- Project 9. Project 9. Social projection and Documentation
6.1 Recognitions 2023.
6.2 El Fuerte Museum

7º.- Project 2. International Relations ITSGA (last actions carried out)

8º.- Project 7. Member networks
Assessment of the five telematic meetings held.

9º.- Project 1. Presidency
9.1 Application for renewal of AEJeST as a UNESCO NGO
9.2 UNESCO meeting in France
9.3 Relations UNESCO, CIGEPS, MINEPS VII (Baku, Azerbaijan, 2023)
9.4 World network of professors and researchers JDT.
9.5 Relations with UNESCO (ICH Sector)


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